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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. Do you run razer? Quit talking like you're the CEO or even on the board of directors.

    You couldn't even understand how easy it was to get education discount at Microsoft.
  2. You are the one talking like you know it all.
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  3. Feel free to lay out the numbers of their profits and yearly numbers.

    Not really. Feel free to give us the numbers.
  4. Lol I've made far fewer "know it all" statements than you. My statements are from the perspective of a customer. As a customer I can very clearly identify that Razer needs to improve their CS, plain and simple. Companies both smaller and bigger than Razer have been doing it better for a decade.

    Also, I didn't have any issues figuring out how to get a discount with MS. I was stating that I AM NOT A STUDENT. And unlike some people I'm not comfortable taking advantage of a discount that is not meant for me unlike others that are perfectly fine with claiming they are a student when they are not.
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  5. Fair enough about the discount.

    But you don't run razer and while they can improve their CS not much you can do about it
  6. The company is worth 1 billion dollars and that was back in 2015. I'm sure they can spare some pocket change on CS
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  7. You'll have to convince min to plunge into the idea then
  8. That kind of defeatist attitude from customers is exactly why stuff never gets done. Have you ever heard the phrase "squeaky wheel gets the grease"? If every customer was silent and didn't say a word then Razer would ABSOLUTELY not fix anything. When customers voice very real and reasonable complaints and do so en masses that is the only way Razer will take notice. A 150 page thread is a pretty squeaky wheel. What doesn't help is when other customers who haven't been affected or at least haven't been affected as much start chiming in that Razer is doing great, and caring for their customers, and "shut up all you squeaky wheels, you have no idea what you're talking about".

    I was wronged, I was a well paying and patient customer. I DIDN'T just cancel and pay for a MS one when I could both because I couldn't use the discount AND because I felt better about buying directly from Razer, the ones making the great product I was buying. Razer pushed me down in the mud and spat in my eye for that
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  9. Yeah, that is the main thing I am mad about, all these non loyal customers that have cancelled their Razer orders and have gone to MS already have their Blades. When I ordered on April 1st and have been waiting patiently for Razer to ship mine then they just up and cancel it without even contacting me for a secondary payment method. Yeah yeah its totally my fault cause a month after they were supposed to ship the first time I am supposed to call my credit card company psychopathically knowing that Razer was gonna finally process my order today. Makes perfect sense.
  10. Ordered April 12th - Card was just charged and my order status is now "processing"...
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  11. Not going to keep arguing but just understand that both of you posting on here doesn't do much. Nor does complaining to tecknokat do anything. They're the people who have to hear the grunt and frustrations from customers. But they're also not the people who decides whether razer can improve CS.

    Feel free to private message or complain to Min though, on Facebook or whatever.
  12. Non loyal customers? Lol. What difference does it make whether ordering from MS or Razer?
  13. The difference is one is from MS one is from Razer. You stated that in your own post I don't know why I need to tell you this. Do you think Razer magically makes the same amount of money when you buy it through MS? You worked in retail so you should know right?
  14. Forte323

    Forte323 New Member

    I agree. Our complaints about their pre-order process and customer support are absolutely vital, so please do not go and attempt to white knight this (I do respect that you're trying to be reasonable, but we are frustrated). Is it completely Razer's fault? No, but they are the ones that can make changes to IMPROVE. Have you ever received a paper from a professor that only had a letter grade or score? Can you imagine how helpful that would be? Our feedback here is a gold mine for Razer and I would like to think that they see this here 150+ page thread highlighting a huge area of concern.

    Razer makes great products, hence why we're all here.
    HOWEVER, Razer can make a better experience.
    Look at Apple, they sell the EXPERIENCE as much as they sell the product (which, btw is not good for what it costs).
    Look at how successful they are.

    That aside... Here is an update on my order for anyone wondering about MS and PayPal. I received my 256GB Razer Blade this morning (1030 PST) which I ordered 5/18. I don't plan to upgrade my SSD since I use Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. for all of my educational needs and only plan to have Heroes of the Storm on this. Heavier games I plan to use on my own rig, which is currently in another state lol

    I fiddled with the lighting settings and turned them off unless plugged in to save battery, but I do remember someone saying there was a way to adjust the fan speed and noise? If it's through synapse, I can't find it and I would appreciate any help. Also, I registered my Blade through Synapse but was unable to claim FL Studio 12....yet. I will attempt to claim it in a couple hours to let their system recognize my registration.
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  15. Obviously razer doesn't make the same but it's a business decision they chose so what difference does it make? They allocated some stock to sell it on MS or else all of us would just order in razer. MS was shipping out more consistently and also being cheaper so it made sense lots flocked to Ms.
  16. Forte323

    Forte323 New Member

    I am unable to find the fan control setting in Synapse. Can you be a little more specific about where? I have the tab open for the Razer Blade system and only see Keyboard, Trackpad, Lighting, Gaming Mode, and Power. Thanks!
  17. Her0Zer0

    Her0Zer0 Member

    None of the unsatisfied customers are in the wrong here because none have violated the process or the purchase agreement. The next step after submitting personal and billing info is 100% Razer's responsibility.

    Couple of other inaccuracies:
    1. Apple is absolutely as bad, if not worse. They screwed up my order and cancellation refund - twice some years ago. I was buying begrudgingly as I loathe the company, but would never even try again.
    2. People are loyal to Razer regardless of where they purchase. One might argue that are MORE loyal by going to MS because they have more knowledge about how this works and don't want bad fulfillment to sully a positive opinion of a great product. Also, RazerStore isn't owned by Razer, it's DR Tech or whatever it's called and they provide marketing, fulfillment, logistics, payment processing and support. Moreover, it's certainly possible Razer makes the same or more from selling through MS store - none of us know the agreement, but it could certainly be more lucrative than RazerStore.
    3. No one should have to pre clear a card for charges in line with normal purchasing. Furthermore, no one here knows why transactions are going through our if they were even placed. It's quite likely that some of the fraud attempts, the number of cancellations, etc have flagged this merchant account causing subsequent customer charges to be blocked.

    I would say I definitely see some things have changed since this thread started, even if they are too little, too late half measures. But ultimately every purchase is a lesson in Caveat Emptor. When problems or suspicions start to accumulate, best to pull back and resign to alternatives. It is pointless to bicker with other members though - if they can't see the poor service and are actually defending it, I'd say those individuals are highly susceptible to being scammed, cheated, disappointed, robbed, etc down the road.

    You'll have to wait for MS or Amazon, or go with another brand, plain and simple. If you want justice, then go through the appropriate channels. It's not guaranteed or even likely to succeed but doing nothing is guaranteed to achieve nothing. Of course, you have to ask yourself, is it worth the time, effort, anger, frustration, etc? Will you be content with having lost more time and ending up exactly where you were? Some idealists may, but most won't. But revving up in here is probably doing yourselves the most harm
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  18. I believe it's under power
  19. That's what I did. Didn't even need to install the Razer drivers. Do need to install the the SSD drivers though.
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  20. Everbot I'd disagree about pre clear a card. It's on the customer, end of. Understand that you're purchasing a product over a thousand. Not at the grocery or 500. Over a thousand. If you don't spend this amount often of course banks might consider fraud alert. Whether it's at razer store or Louis Vuitton, big purchases that get declined on first swipe happen often unless you're using a card you frequently make big purchases on.
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