Still waiting on 7.1 update

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Rocketchica, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. Rocketchica

    Rocketchica New Member

    Is anyone else still waiting for the 7.1 update?

    I use to be a beta tester but requested to be removed. I think I'm in the beta tester limbo.

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  2. mattmarenic

    mattmarenic New Member

    Official release should be at end of this month.
  3. Khanger

    Khanger Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there @Rocketchica - If you requested to be removed, then you won't get the 7.1 update until final release. I don't have an ETA just yet, but the beta testers are continuing to test the latest software.
  4. Rocketchica

    Rocketchica New Member

    Khanger - thanks for the explanation. I just want to point out that in the other forum it seemed as if it was released to everyone. The announcement that it was released was in the main forum and not the beta tester forum. Hence my confusion.

    @Khanger, I went back and looked and the posts and found here were you announced the latest official drop which is 7.0 build 88 I mixed build 88 with 7.1. Build 88 is what I can't seem to get downloaded OTA.

    My phone is stuck on a beta build 23. I know it's beta because Android pay is not working. Also, my phone seems to have an issue were after a long time on or coming out of airplane mode it refuses to place a call without rebooting. In fact, I've really had it that I switched back to my Nexus 5x until I can get the update.

    I'm not very skilled with flashing my phone and am afraid I'd brick. I was hoping the OTA would reach me soon. But alas, it hasn't. I asked to leave beta testing 2months ago and believe I'm stuck in beta limbo. I don't get the beta emails not the updates.

    Any insight would be great.
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  5. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    Go to about phone on your current version. Scroll down, tap on the build number a bunch until you get a message saying "You have unlocked developer settings!". Now go back to the main screen, and find developer options. Somewhere in the top section, you should see "Allow OEM Unlock" Check that. Now, follow the directions here, under "//INSTRUCTIONS for Windows//"
    There's really no way you can mess up.
    Keep in mind this will erase ALL data (That's not stored in the cloud) and put you on the latest normal user accessible nougat build (7.0)
    That's my way, although you dont have to follow it if you want.
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  6. Rocketchica

    Rocketchica New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I will try this out this weekend.

    Completed successfully!

    I guess Android pay just doesn't work


    but at least now I know how to flash my phone


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  7. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    This can be fixed. Go back into fastboot, and type this: fastboot oem lock
  8. Nicks_Jambuzz

    Nicks_Jambuzz New Member

    Finally I will get my brand new Robin delivered in next couple of days...
    Since, I am switching from Windows to Android...can you please tell me with the Android version? I meant will I get the Nougat version automatically installed on its first power boot or will I have to update from Marshmallow??
    Kindly suggest.
  9. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    In theory you should get the nougat update as soon as you power the device on and start going through setup. If not, you can either wait a bit for it to show up or you can flash it through the method i posted above.
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  10. Nicks_Jambuzz

    Nicks_Jambuzz New Member

    thanks a ton!
    will keep posted here
  11. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    Did you try relocking your bootloader yet?
  12. Rocketchica

    Rocketchica New Member

    No, I haven't. I've been away from my computer for the weekend. Will try later today.

    @xBane_ it worked! I didn't realize that it would erase everything again so it took me awhile to restore everything and set up Android Pay.

    Thanks again!

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  13. Mvictoria621_no_id

    Mvictoria621_no_id New Member

    I just left the beta program and am currently on the 7.1.1. beta. Will I automatically get the stable 7.1.1. via OTA or will I be the same limbo as the OP?

    I don't plan on flashing as I don' t have access to a Mac or Windows computer (currently use a Chromebook)
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  14. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    Honestly? I have no idea. Right now im on Omni, but was on a beta build for a point in time (7.0 beta build, before the official release). In theory if you can get terminal access on a chromebook, you can just use the mac ./ command (Due to the fact that both are linux based), i may be wrong.
  15. Nicks_Jambuzz

    Nicks_Jambuzz New Member

    Got my Robin yesterday n it's on Android Nougat :cool:
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