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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. Same for me... for an order (FHD) placed on 10/2, though. Sigh.
  2. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    My only hope is these FHD models have a better QA after some of the issues I'm seeing on members QHD versions.
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  3. Untitled.jpg

    so i ran the test again, this time at 1080p as it auto runs at a higher res, as you can see i outscored the other test you did with a combined score of 3227 rather than you 2399

    Here is thew new bench mark, though to run this i set my screen to 1080p and rather than just keeping the resolution and running it, it bumps it back up to full res and runs it in a small window at 1080p. I dont actually own this one so i cant just set it to run at whatever res i want. anyway, just for an idea it should be close to this score.


    and here is just the normal firestrike score since it runs normally at 1080p 2.jpg
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  4. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    My FHD has been flawless so far, had it for 6 days and 27 hours of gaming at last count.
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  5. I have not had a single issue with my qhd model. Temps never go above 80. everything looks amazing, quite when not gaming. no tearing or any issue with playing games at full hd rather than native. Its been lovely, and im sure the fhd will be too.
  6. Catawbalifebiz637

    Catawbalifebiz637 New Member

    Let's just use this benchmark since it can be standardized to all Blade and GTX 1060 users. My panel is 1080p so I'm not sure I'm even capable of running the 1440p benchmark.

    Anyway, looks like you may have some kind of bottleneck or throttle. From any Blade owner, I would be curious to see HWINFO clockspeeds and temperatures for Prime95 and maybe more GPU tests (not Furmark) as well. One run of Fire Strike is not very demanding so if there is throttling it's going to be worse on other tests.

    Any tests you guys run, I will be happy to run the same on my GS73VR. Again, I want to buy the Blade FHD as a gift, and I want to make sure my GS73VR performs as it should as well.

    MSI GS73VR (same specs as the new FHD Blade):
  7. here is the free version of heaven on the extreme settings, as you can see in top right max temp was 78 (which was actually on quite mode). interested to see your score.
  8. Catawbalifebiz637

    Catawbalifebiz637 New Member

    Nice, looks like our video card clocks are the same. Mine runs around the same temperature too (the Blade has magical mini cooling). Something still seems to be impacting your performance. When you check your CPU usage in Task Manager when everything is closed, is it 1-3% like mine? Also, your drivers appear to be a little older. My first screenshot has the very latest Nvidia drivers. Settings in Nvidia Control Panel are default "Use 3D application settings."

    MSI GS73VR with the your same custom settings (only difference from extreme is the 1600 x 885 res you used):
    MSI GS73VR with extreme preset (basically the same):
  9. Im getting almost exact same results as you on timespy and fire strike

    Time spy - 3502
    Fire Strike - 8870

    Around the 6 Minute mark, the 1060 Spiked to 90C (According to the Furmark graphs)

    Seeing how the MSI is getting a 10 percent increase.. im thinking maybe its the thermals?
  10. my killer network manager seems to use almost 10 percent cpu but thats really the only thing using anything. Ill try to upgrade drivers tonight too and in the morning see if i can rerun it and see if it scores any higher.
  11. Catawbalifebiz637

    Catawbalifebiz637 New Member

    Yeah dude... I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I had the same issues with the Killer drivers, which are the same on my MSI GS73VR. As soon as I streamed a 4K video it would even jump up to 20-30% CPU usage. Had to completely uninstall and install the newest drivers, and I took a lot of steps so I'm not exactly sure what fixed it.

    See below and try the benchmark after you have made sure your idle CPU usage is normal, like 1-3%.
    Actually, looked it up and there is no need to do custom settings. 3DMark benchmarks run at 1440p and scale it up or down depending on your resolution, so it is standard across resolutions.

    2nd attempt Fire Strike on GS73VR (same score):

    Also ran Time Spy and got 3670. Ran it a second time and got 3641.
    Still a tad more than the Blade, but the difference is not nearly as significant as it is on lower resolution benchmarks, which are more CPU intensive (1600x900 Unigine, 1920x1080 Fire Strike). CPU is probably the issue.

    Could be the new 1060's higher TDP than the 970M is causing the 6700HQ to heat up more than usual (via shared heatpipe?) and clock down to < 3.1GHz, or the Killer driver CPU usage is the issue.

    Probably will buy this anyway, but definitely want to know how it handles benches/stress tests.
  12. Hmmm, I didn't even think about the killer network..

    I'll try updating those drivers tonight..

    @montobrah - did you have to uninstall the current drivers to get the new ones to install?
  13. francybenin

    francybenin New Member

    Hi guys, sorry if I'm redundant but I wanted to know how long the battery last on normal use (university, lectures ecc)
    And if there are some issues at all with the laptop.
  14. Read through this thread and the thread that's about the 2016 blade 1060 benchmarks and also the thread on "did you receive a flawless blade" and you'll get all the answers you need and more.

    Short answer:

    between 4 - 6 hours
    And yes some issues on some blades. Some flawless.
  15. so i re ran the heaven test this morning and it got a little higher score, 1730 but still not as high as yours... I also watched the clock speed of the cpu for the entire test and it was mostly running at 3.16 which from what i looked up is the highest it can run while using 4 cores.

    EDIT, I updated intel to latest beta drivers and scored a 41 on the firestike lol. ill now try again with the same drivers you had installed which is one newer than what i had before and see if it does anything different.

    update: the drivers didnt really seem to change anything, so still dont know why your getting higher scores, same clock speeds and temps.... hmmm
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  16. Ok, so after simply full screening the bench mark my scores seem to be better, this may also be in conjunction with the new drivers but it really seemed like full screening made a big difference for whatever reason. But anyway here it is, almost exactly the same as yours. full screened.jpg
  17. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    Full screen skips the need for desktop compositing -- a whole extra copy of screen data and CPU involvement.
  18. Catawbalifebiz637

    Catawbalifebiz637 New Member

    Nice, our scores are pretty similar now. I still think your background CPU usage was the problem.
  19. jt297

    jt297 New Member

    So there is full hd version in amazon which would be in stock on November 1.
  20. Malhar808_no_id

    Malhar808_no_id New Member

    Please help me choose between a full HD matte display and touch enabled qhd+ display!
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