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The Razer Blade

Discussion in 'Systems' started by creed983, Dec 3, 2016.


Razer Blade QHD+ VS FHD


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  1. creed983

    creed983 New Member

    I can't decide on buying the full HD or QHD touch screen version. My main problem is I read lots of articles and watched lots of videos siding with either one of the two, I wanted the QHD touch version but now I don't know. Since I am not living in a country supported by Razer I can't be sure to buy any system since I wont be able to get it fixed easily if something happens to it , through your personal use and knowledge of any of Razer's systems how often did you ran into a problem. I know the product is of high quality but due to what I've read and saw about temperature problems and other stuff I feel even simple problems may be hard to solve.
  2. RazerZonal

    RazerZonal Member

    And....... back to your choice of screen!

    Full HD is Matt surface so it doesn't reflect as much as QHD. If u are constantly on the go i.e using the laptop under sunlight most of the time, Full HD might be a better choice. Then there's the need for touch screen or not...lastly the price factor to consider..

  3. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    I've used all QHD+ since 2014 until now, and it's been great. I do like the FHD, but I do miss having a touchscreen for when I'm browsing internet on the bed and have the laptop resting on my belly.
  4. marcinthecloud

    marcinthecloud New Member

    I had the same debate and ended up with Full HD.

    Here's what you have to ask yourself:
    • Are you mobile and need as much battery life as possible?
    • Do you have a hi resolution external monitor for at home/work?
    Those were the two things that pushed me to FHD. You can find battery tests that show FHD getting 2 hours more battery life than the QHD touch screen. And for me personally, I have an LG UW 3440x1440p monitor for my pixel needs.

    I do tend to miss the extra pixels and smoothness of a glossy screen but what I went with function this time over form.

    Hope that helps!
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