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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kajira, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Greetings everyone!!

    I've seen numerous questions about shipping information, order information and people wanting to make sure that their CES orders were successful. So I wanted to put together a little "read me" for the most common questions. As a side note: these answers are still completely valid for any other orders in the future as well. Please make sure you check all avenues available to you instead of posting to Razer Insider, since this is not a support site. Enjoy your new items!! :)

    1) Was my order successful?
    ~ If you received a comfirmation e-mail with your order information showing your order number, then yes, your order should've been successful.

    2) How do I know the status of my order?
    ~ First, you can look it up online by going to the main RazerStore site and look into the upper right corner, there's a small symbol with the word "help" click on that and choose "order status" from the drop down menu. Then login with your Razer ID / password and the most recent information should be brought up, if it is not brought up then find the most recent order in the list. If your CES order is not listed but you did receive the confirmation e-mail then I would give it a couple days and check the system again just because there's such a high volume right now.

    3) How do I know when my item ships?
    ~ There are two ways: First, you will receive an e-mail from Razer telling you that your item has been put into the mail and that gives you a link you can click on to track the shipment. It can take up to 24-36 hours for those tracking links to work correctly due to the fact that the company moving the item may not update in a timely manner.
    ~ Second, you can use the method from question #2 and find your order status information in the online store and once your item was handed off to the shipping company then the Razer website will also reflect this. The same tracking link will be listed on the order status page, though once again it can take time for the shipping company to update on their end, so be patient.

    4) What if I received a confirmation e-mail but can't find my order, never receive a shipping notification and it's already been 3-5 days passed?
    ~ If this is the case for you, then I would recommend contacting Razer Customer Support with your order number, what you purchased, the date you made the purchase and what kind of payment method you used (not the card numbers, NEVER SEND CARD NUMBERS) and allow them to assist you in finding out what the delay has been.

    5) What if I never received a confirmation e-mail for my order?
    ~ If you are certain that you did everything correctly on the website during the CES sale and you saw the screen telling you that your order was complete that offered your order number at the end (I hope you took the time to either print it or wrote down the order number) and did not receive a subsequent e-mail telling you that your order was completed then I recommend contacting Razer Customer Support describing your issue and letting them help you investigate what may have gone wrong. If you did remember to print, or write down, the order number from that web page then please include that information as well so they have something to go off of.

    6) I made an order, but my credit card wasn't charged yet. Is anything wrong with my order?
    ~ Most likely there's nothing wrong with your order. The charges won't go through on your card until your item is being shipped. With the heavy volume of products being shipped out it could be a few days until they get yours into the mail, so it could take a bit of time for the charges to go through. However, if you don't see any changes at all to your order when checking the status please contact Razer Customer Service to obtain specific information regarding your order.
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  2. Gman_boss

    Gman_boss Active Member

    Perfect, I was thinking of writing up the same answers! This is gonna help lots, thanks @kajira

    You might want to edit and add a section about when a credit card will be charged (which is after the order ships). That will help ease the minds of those who don't know if their order confirmed or not :)
  3. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    Thanks for taking up time to put this up. Really appreciate it!
  4. FaithlessOne

    FaithlessOne New Member

    Hi, I have raised the support request to the support team, and am waiting for their response. Just for curiosity sake, did anyone experience the tracking stating delivered but I did not receive anything nor call?

    The courier that was assigned was KGMHUB and below is the tracking updates:

    Delivered (2Days)
    2017-01-20 09:14, Delivered
    2017-01-19 08:01, Delivery in Progress
    2017-01-18 23:32, In Warehouse
    2017-01-18 23:25, In Warehouse
    2017-01-18 23:22, Pending Arrival
    Powered by

    Is there a need for concern?
  5. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    I have not encountered such incident myself. I suggest that you called up KGMHUB and provide them with your tracking/consignment number to find out what went wrong.

    Hope everything is ok with your purchase mate.
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  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Excellent idea, I'll do that. Thanks!

    @YQArt - That looks like an issue with the shipping company and not something with Razer specifically, I would do as @eugenews suggested and contact the shipment company and find out what's going on from them. Best of luck with getting your item quickly!!
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  7. diBreezy

    diBreezy New Member

    I definitely got the shipping confirmation email but no tracking number. What gives?
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  8. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    That means it has left Razers facility. You never normally get the tracking number until it is processed at the mail facility, As far as I know.
  9. diBreezy

    diBreezy New Member

    Ahh okay then can probably expect something Monday
  10. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Most likely. I do not think many mail services work on the weekends, But some may.
  11. FaithlessOne

    FaithlessOne New Member

    Hi guys, thanks for the suggestion. The problem is, this courier that Razer use dont really have a mean of contact. Their phone line is dead too. Hence, I am unable to do any follow up with them. Am waiting to see what Razer support can do now.
  12. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    That's a bummer. Hopefully it is just some system error.
  13. pointZompdirect699

    pointZompdirect699 New Member

    Hoping maybe I'll get some help here, the Store customer service isn't responding. I ordered (three separate orders) a system, a backpack, and a mouse & mousepad during the CES sale. Received all the peripherals (note, they were three separate orders, the system was by itself) but the system is still *pending*. The last email I got, Thursday I think, simply said "hey we see your order is "pending"....thanks, that's not helpful though.

    I've seen suggestions that I should cancel the order and try again since it's been 5 days. Maybe I'm being impatient...but I would think if the item is in stock, it should've shipped in the first 48 hours?

    Thanks in advance.
  14. FaithlessOne

    FaithlessOne New Member

    Just an update:
    I received my package yesterday. The delivery person apologized for they had mistakenly set my postage status as delivered when it was still in store. Benefit of doubt given, and they had not updated their contact status due to location change. For those who faced similar situation as me, the new contact info is as below:

    Name: KGMHUB
    Contact No:65033800 / 93381100
    Email address: (Same as original)
  15. Lazarus404

    Lazarus404 New Member

    My company placed an order on Thursday of last week with Express Delivery selected. It's supposed to be delivered in 1 - 4 days. The order email that was sent said a follow up email would be sent after 48 hours. It didn't arrive. The order status section says a password should have been sent with the order confirmation email, but we haven't received that order confirmation to find out what's happening with it. Phoning the Germany office phone number gets you a fax machine tone, so that's no good.

    What's happening with my order? When can I expect the machine? Certainly not after 1 - 4 days, that's for certain.
  16. FrostG_88

    FrostG_88 New Member

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  17. Lazarus404

    Lazarus404 New Member

    It's frustrating. Will hopefully get a reply to my support request soon to clear it up. However, it's clear we've gone beyond the "Express Delivery" we paid for.
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  18. FrostG_88

    FrostG_88 New Member

    Yo e Enviado Muchos correos ya a todos los Lugares Posibles, sin respuesta en ninguno de Ellos. NO se si Empezar Una comertarlo En otras telas y Foros.
    Quizas asi se nos preste mas atencion. Merecemos un mejor servicio y mas tratandose de una supuesta marca lider en el mercado , o eso es lo que pensaba asta ahora
  19. Lazarus404

    Lazarus404 New Member

    El servicio al cliente ya no existe para ninguna empresa !!!
  20. Nerykrugeer

    Nerykrugeer New Member

    I order a Blade 14 on the day of the event, I got charge already and no shipping has been made. Its almost a week since I made the order. Also I send it a email to support and got nothing back. This is not acceptable, many people already receive their stuff, but I haven't got a taste for my order besides the big payment on my card. its really frustrating. Any response from the company, its not good to deal with this.
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