We're Windows 10 ready!

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. I heard about it. There are programs you can download to disable all the privacy tracking issues in Windows 10
  2. Finally! I've been having an annoying problem with my Windows. I had to downgrade.
  3. aspire800

    aspire800 New Member

    Still waiting for my email to upgrade!
  4. An email? I thought we simply re-installed the Razer software. I didn't hear anything about any email.
  5. Upgraded my razer blade 2015 (touch screen version). Touchpad has been nothing but trouble since. Two finger scroll does not work (except right at start up, then goes off when razer synapse loads) and touch pad becomes completely unresponsive intermittently (like while trying to type this msg). No problems when an external razer mouse is connected. The tips on how to fix this from the support site (restart pc, if that doesnt work, uninstall and reinstall razer synapse) did not help. rolling back driver helped for a few minutes, but then the problem continued. I think razer blade touchpad driver support for windows ten still needs some work.
  6. You may be ready but im not...
  7. fatfox13

    fatfox13 New Member

    i had the same issue the fix that i found was to go to the windows store and search xbox beta dl the beta app and run your xbox through that it works side by side with the xbox app so there is no worries about having both on your win 10 pc hope this helps you out
  8. maisey

    maisey Member

    It was buggy at first but you can fix the bug pretty easily.
  9. Spodiesie

    Spodiesie Member

    WINDOWS 10!!!!! on the blade!
  10. wintercappuccinoo

    wintercappuccinoo Active Member

    is time to upgrade win10 :D
  11. I have a typing and mouse problem. Everytime I type, without touching the touchpad, the mouse will randomly click where it's at and the typing cursor will go there, screwing up my typing.
  12. RizePassout

    RizePassout New Member

    This is amazing!!! Thanks
  13. RizePassout

    RizePassout New Member

  14. maisey

    maisey Member

    I have windows 10 and it works pretty well.
  15. DragonQuan

    DragonQuan Member

    Not sure if I should upgrade to windows 10. windows 7 seems ok for me currently
  16. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    Does the blade upgrade to Windows 10 Home or Pro?
    Given the price of the blade, it should upgrade to Pro
  17. cptcraig7

    cptcraig7 Member

    I upgraded my 2012 Razer to Windows 10, it ran pretty smoothly with the drivers Razer provided. Very happy that they got on top of this, it felt like a bit of a hassle when they made the switch from 7 to 8
  18. Don't really have much good impression on windows 10 though. People been telling me it's crap, but again, those are they same that say windows 8 is crap and still use it.
  19. cptcraig7

    cptcraig7 Member

    Windows 10 is a much better improvement from 8, I didn't really hate 8... but it certainly came packaged with issues and that's where 10 came into play.... it's a revised version of 8 that includes the good features and simplifies it like 7
  20. Mrnofaceguy

    Mrnofaceguy New Member

    There's an option on Microfofts website where you can download the tool to install it:

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