What does your girlfriend think about gaming???

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Geradyak, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. webPistachiobuzz589

    webPistachiobuzz589 New Member

    She is okay with it so...
  2. DrugTV

    DrugTV New Member

    Do girlfriends think ? :eek:

    She's fine, aslong we don't stop doing our plans so I can play, it's allright :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. 5t1tch

    5t1tch New Member

    mines only to happy for the peace and quite since im relegated to another room xD
  4. ironcrow

    ironcrow Active Member

    General advice for everyone here: Find another gamer to date. I'm willing to bet that for most folks here, gaming isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Being with someone who won't or can't appreciate you at your core will only give you grief. Even if she/he is hot. ;)
  5. Tingyo

    Tingyo New Member

    I'm still hoping to get a girl that does game. The last few hated gaming, so I didn't play as much while with them. But as soon as we broke up, went on a 4 month gaming binge to beat 10 game titles including Skyrim.
  6. Mitchinatii

    Mitchinatii New Member

    Mine probably plays more games than me. Although when I rage I get a good shouting at.
  7. Zeyramm

    Zeyramm New Member

    My wife did not play much before but now she plays with me. We make console evening. And now my children want play also. A geek family ^^
  8. bpatrickbb

    bpatrickbb New Member

    i started dating my gorgeous girlfriend because she could beat my friends at halo 3 hahaha. with that said, she really just like first person shooters online but i did get her into WOW and now i could never get rid of her! i found a jem
  9. Dodar89

    Dodar89 New Member

    She doesn't like it and thinks it's a waste of time. But she accepts it since I accept her shoe-buying-addiction.
  10. kixareforkids

    kixareforkids New Member

    Mine used to get annoyed on the amount of hours a day i put into gaming but now that we have been together for so long she doesnt mind. She is actually trying to get into games herself.
  11. My husband is a hard-core gamer and by comparison, I game. But yea, even if you don't end up with another gamer, get someone who at least has a hobby then your time gaming won't be perceived as a bad thing - as you both have something to do. Even if its someone who loves to read, you can set up a spot right next to you so they can read while you game. (Then reach out and touch them every once in a while... like you know they are there!)
    How many times have I been playing that someone has to go due to gf aggro? :rolleyes: Spend sometime before you start playing or get a low maintenance female.. is that even possible? :confused:
  12. 130579

    130579 New Member

    My girlfriend loves gaming.
  13. joymyr

    joymyr New Member

    My girlfriend bought me a ps4 for Christmas, so at least she accepts it. Or maybe she just wanted to bring me into the living room :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. She do like to play some games with me, but not the most violent ones that I like the most. Anyway, it's important to give her some attention from time to time, and we'll both be happy.
  14. Inkisitor

    Inkisitor New Member

    She leaved me. Ahah no but she is a gamiing girl so it's really easy to me to play with her. But we don't play at the same game. She prefer Nintendo universe and i prefer Dark Souls or GTA 5. Not the same "violence".
  15. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    My fiancé is open minded and accepts that gaming is one of my hobbies. She bought me a RB for Christmas :) The most she's ever tried were mmorpgs but she sticks to her mobile/tablet games. The great thing is that she is competitive too and it's nice that fun can still be had. Regardless, there has to be a balance especially with irl responsibilities
  16. fastventureRuber085

    fastventureRuber085 New Member

    She is supportive, for some reason.. she must love me.. yeah thats it!
  17. Azureworldpulse337

    Azureworldpulse337 New Member

    What girlfriend? :slightly_sad:
  18. superpg

    superpg New Member

    Mine just knows about classic Nintendo games exclusively. I'm trying to show her all the other masterpieces that she couldn't see for the last years, but she just can't understand MOBA and MMORPG, she deeply hates those..
  19. mmaarrkknngguu

    mmaarrkknngguu New Member

    Different species altogether. Ask geneticist =)
  20. snake_doctor66

    snake_doctor66 New Member

    My girlfriend is a gamer so it's great. Often we sit down together and she plays on her laptop while I play on my desktop, it is a great thing to have because it means we have that in common.
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