What is your computer monitor?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Isaac Thiel, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. I use three ASUS VG248QE, one of them modded for G-SYNC
  2. I use a LG Flatron D2342. All i can say to this monitor is: AMAZING! I mean my monitor has 3D and i love it! It is a great experience to play AC3 or other games in 3D!
  3. Troelsjj

    Troelsjj New Member

    Right now i'm using:
    • 2x 23" Asus VS239 (1920x1080)
    Planning to get a 3rd for series/movie/streams.
  4. I use an ASUS VX-238H

    it's a decent monitor but the main reason I have it is because the monitor's body is white, which goes well with my all white PC build
  5. Andrea2603

    Andrea2603 New Member

    Bought a few months ago a 21:9 LG, shame that some games are still not supported, but if u play an FPS or a Racing simulation is really great!
  6. RudeusG

    RudeusG New Member

    Right now, I'm using a LG 29UM65-P.
  7. DiceOfSeven

    DiceOfSeven New Member

    BENQ 144hz 24" Monitor....144hz will change your life....*drops mic*
  8. got the aoc ultra wide screen. is fantastic res and multi windows makes it easy too
  9. busOrangePeelbiz218

    busOrangePeelbiz218 New Member

    Shimian 27" 2560x1440px :D
  10. CrisixCore

    CrisixCore New Member

    I am currently using a really old alienware 3d monitor that is no longer even being made. I got it as a gift and just never really had an issue with it. I am planning to upgrade soon to one of the new monitors but have been biding my time as I am still undecided on which I should even upgrade to without breaking the bank per say.
  11. SevenD2

    SevenD2 New Member

    Acer g3! Though the copper colour is slighty off putting
  12. ShadowWolf471

    ShadowWolf471 Member

    PG278Q ROG Swift.

    I love it. Sexiest thing ever.
  13. markdawson

    markdawson New Member

    I use one 32" Samsung TV, and two AOC 23" monitors. I'm hoping to buy a 4K monitor.
  14. Gooch0

    Gooch0 New Member

  15. xVividRedbyte439

    xVividRedbyte439 New Member

    Acer S231HLBbid Black 23"
  16. robot1

    robot1 New Member

    Just got a BenQ 21.5" screen, so far it's a vast improvement over my 15" laptop screen :D
  17. ru420

    ru420 Member

    I've got a Korean import 2560x1440 from eBay plus squaretrade insurance if anything goes wrong, i will basically be refunded for an extra £20 or something silly.
  18. haackers

    haackers New Member

    6x Dell Ultrasharp u2412m at home and 2xDell Ultrasharp um2412m and 4x Asus PA246Q at work. Gotta love the 6 monitor setups... The only problem is it hurts the wallet, lol.
  19. cirqe

    cirqe New Member

    Anybody got some got experience with a cheap Ultra HD monitor?
  20. ru420

    ru420 Member

    4K? Is there such a thing?
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