What kind of smartphone do you own??

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by WhackyPanos, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. WastedEmu

    WastedEmu New Member

    Iphone 6 plus. Not much of a phone gamer, those games usually only hold my attention for like 5 minutes
  2. fly4food

    fly4food New Member

    iPhone 6 Plus 64GB. Around half of the storage is games.
  3. Markylicious

    Markylicious New Member

    Iphone 6+ ios 8 .... Game of thrones tell tale. plays smoothly.
  4. OPALPinkventure670

    OPALPinkventure670 New Member

    A wiko bloom, a good smartphone with android
  5. 0pt0ut

    0pt0ut New Member

    Samsung S3, one of the classics and very well developed for. I am running Cynogen Mod which is awesome.
  6. koaha

    koaha New Member

    nexus 5 enough for gaming
  7. campretroTangelo023

    campretroTangelo023 New Member

    I have a iPhone 6 which has a folder full of games I have collected over the year. However I only ever seem to play them when I am on the move and not at my PC.
  8. neamtua

    neamtua New Member

    iPhone 6 plus. I tend to play on it a lot. Recently I've started playing Dungeon Hunter 4 and I think it's the first game I've played that made me want to get a controller for it. Too bad the Razer Junglecat is only iphone 5 :slightly_sad:
  9. Xtronn

    Xtronn New Member

    Sony xperia ZL. The red one
  10. ClementinoNinja

    ClementinoNinja New Member

    iphone 4s =(
  11. leomd333

    leomd333 New Member

    LG G3! Had a G2 before, love LG's products so may get a G4 next. But, as nice as their stock ROM is, I run CM12.
  12. I have an iPhone 5s, which obviously runs ios. I have ios 8.1 running. Games on handhelds at the moment still seem clunky, so I prefer gaming on PC and consoles.
  13. Cheex

    Cheex New Member

    Nexus 4 and only play pool/bike race from time to time just to kill time
  14. dannydaman9

    dannydaman9 New Member

    Sony experia for me. The early version of it. it's really slow though
  15. Sn4p_21

    Sn4p_21 Member

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Android. I rarely play games on it, the only game I have downloaded right now is the free version of "Plague, Inc.".
  16. Guggolo

    Guggolo New Member

    Windows phone, I usually don't play games
  17. iPhone 6 plus. I love it. I also play many games. The big screen is amazing with an amazing display. It's running iOS 8.1.2
  18. Rhizal

    Rhizal New Member

    Galaxy S5 I wish I could update to 5.0 already.
  19. ObviateLoss

    ObviateLoss New Member

    Google Nexus 6 by Motorola. It's a fantastic device, but the QHD screen is pretty darn battery intensive. That's my only complaint, because the phone is great for games and videos, and Android Lollipop is awesome, despite a few flaws.
  20. ObviateLoss

    ObviateLoss New Member

    @Rhizal, from what I've seen, Samsung is overhauling TouchWiz and making it less bulky and more fluid, so when they finally push an over-the-air update for 5.0, it's going to be really nice.
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