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When will it be back in black?

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Heavyoak, Aug 21, 2017.

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  1. Heavyoak

    Heavyoak Member

    simply put, if you're making it so the forums have an option for a black theme, when is cortex getting a black theme?
  2. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I would vote for that. Actually, it should a choice between the three main Razer Colors: Green, Black, White.
  3. Sim3Gamer

    Sim3Gamer Well-Known Member

    I think green would be too much for the eye, in addition the Razer Icons wouldn´t work fine because nearly every button and font is green xD
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  4. lordwhaleman

    lordwhaleman New Member

    I don't know.... the right hue of green and it's rather spiffy.


    Please note that this is an extreme hastework and could easily look better... I just got intrigued by the idea and had to test it. I actually find it easier on the eyes than the current white :)
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