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Why does Razer refuse to sell a Battery for a 2012 Blade Pro 17"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheRealtBags, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    It's not rocket science to replace the battery. I don't understand why. Tech Support say's it's policy. Policies are guidelines. All I need is a battery for a 2012 Razer Blade Pro.
    I am stuck with a 2012 Razer Blade Pro 17" with a battery that does hold a charge. Why not sell a battery? How much more $$ you need to make from me. It's not like there is a warranty problem. Sell the parts.. quit being so greedy.

    Thank You for your time.

    Just a guy that wants to buy a battery from a $2499.00 laptop, without sending to Razer (which means the cost of shipping both ways and up to $250.) If I choose not to ok the repair I still am responsible for shipping & a $100 estimate fee. It would cost almost the value of the laptop. I am not asking for anything free...
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  2. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    I meant to say the battery can't hold a charge
  3. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    It is fairly standard for manufacturers with "non-user serviceable" devices to only allow authorised technicians to carry out repairs, which unfortunately includes the battery. I do however understand your plight as Razer doesn't exactly have an abundance of service centres. I don't think it really is a matter of greed, but rather they can't have a bifurcated policy for machines with warranty and those out of warranty.
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  4. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    I also mentioned to tech support that I currently own a laptop repair shop and offered to send them copies of my business lic. And certifications. I m also certified to repair mobile media devices.. It's just that they really don't care. They refused to allow me to speak with anyone but support. I am curious of the supposed policy.
    It only turns to greed when after buying a $2499.00 laptop that I can't buy a part for it.... Without spending a large amount of money for unneeded work.. It's 4 years old... There should be an allowance for common sense .... And or doing the "right thing"
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  5. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    While I have no doubt that you are capable allowing you to do it would mean they would have to allow others. This would mean there would be people who are not capable trying to fix their machines with parts supplied for self repair (meaning they condone it) by Razer. It is really trying to save people from their own stupidity as there isn't a sustainable way to filter out those who can do it properly and those who can't. Neither can they really apply a policy where you do it under your own risk because you would still have people coming back saying "RAZER I STUCK A SCREW DRIVER THROUGH MY BATTERY AND NOW MY COMPUTER IS RUINED, MY HOUSE CAUGHT FIRE AND MY DOG DIED AND IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"
  6. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    Lol.. Never thought this post would go there.... Razer having a policy to try and save people from their own stupidity. Don't get me wrong. I WAS a Razer fan. I have used their products from the start. They used to sell their mice packaged in cans. I have a $2499.00 laptop I am trying to sell. I wanted to sell it to buy a new raver blade pro. I can't sell it with a bad battery. I think I should get $800.00 for it.. Except it will cost me almost $400.00 to repair, it doesn't make sense. I know if I get stuck .. I will just have to buy an Orion custom laptop. I won't be able to justify recommending Razer products

    But ty for your replies.
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  7. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    $2499.00 when you bought it, you also need to account for the massive depreciation of technology. Even Apple products which are known to hold their value fairly well compared to others still depreciate quite significantly. For example: I bought a 15" Retina MBP for about $2500 in 2012, on Ebay.com you can find the same computer now that has refurbished for $999. Given that Razer is less known it is also possible that value doesn't hold as well over time.
  8. HelldiverL9

    HelldiverL9 Active Member

    That's why I never really quite liked the idea of built-in batteries in laptops and Ultrabooks. Sleek and efficient yeah, but a few years down the road and whammy.

    I really hope Razer helps you out, SlickWilly - else its a permanent desktop replacement for you, albeit with past generation specifications.
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  9. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    Ty sir. The thing that makes it crazy is... The batteries are not soldered in. It does require a tech to open the case. I believe that should be my choice and not Razer's.
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  10. APATITEXanadutech438

    APATITEXanadutech438 Active Member

    I know there are some third party batteries for ultrabooks like samsung, asus etc, you can try looking into one of those if it doesn't work out. Ofc oem is preferred, but if there is rly no other option you can give it a shot.
  11. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    Ty for the thought. I had a battery ordered from China that met the specs. They even advertised it as a Razer 14" Blade pro. It was $147.00 I ordered it, paid with PayPal and 3 days later they refunded my money and said they didn't have any. It's wierd you can't find an off brand or anything. They offer dead ones that won't recharge on eBay for $60.
    I have started to lean away from Razer. To corner a market & not allow you to get a part that you need for a 4 year old PC isn't right. Again TY for your time

    Received a call today from razer.. still no luck... no change. Razer WILL NOT sell a battery to a 2012 Blade Pro. They couldn't say why.. just that it is not their policy.
    Onward through the fog
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  12. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @SlickWIlly - I wouldn't be completely satisfied with that answer either, you may wish to contact Razer|Technokat or Razer|Halcyon and give them your support case ID number and ask them to look into it further. It's quite possible that with them checking it out that you may be able to get, at the very least, a better reason as to why or, at best, help finding a replacement part. You an open a private conversation and include the both of them in it with the info.
  13. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    Thank You very much
    I asked Halcyon for some help last month. He said he would let me know if and when he got an update. It's cool, I know everyone has jobs. I still have faith.

    Dave C.
  14. Probably because razer wants to get rid of older items, and clean up.
  15. Yeah dude I hate when companies do things like this for their "policies"
  16. AC499

    AC499 New Member

    I had the same problem after contacting razer. Batteries are a part with a limited lifetime and this is like running out of gas and then being forced to pay a technician to fill your tank in order to buy the gas. I am now throwing out my 2014 Blade and razer products and buying from a competitor who has a more ethical business practice. There is a group trying to help with consumers rights, https://repair.org/ I think they have a petition going. This is all too bad because the razer laptops are really awesome otherwise and I would love to have bought a new one.
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  17. DeepLemontechnofever002

    DeepLemontechnofever002 Active Member

    Well this scares me...
  18. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    If you could throw me that blade, that would be great.
  19. DeepLemontechnofever002

    DeepLemontechnofever002 Active Member

    Razer's warranty policies and practices scares me off more than anything else about the company. I'm not a rocket scientist. I don't know everything about computers. I understand the basics. Though the Razer seems like a fantasic computer, I am terrified that something will go wrong and I won't be able to get any help.

    And the fact that you are having a difficult time getting a battery terrifies me! The battery is one of the most basic parts that need to be replaced! They don't last forever. What will happen when my laptop gets to that state?!?!
  20. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    I received a phone call from Sean at Razer, he just repeated what I have heard for the last 6 months. Although it was GREAT to get a personal call, it was useless in obtaining a battery. He repeatedly offered to send a shipping label, to make it easier for me to send my laptop in. I have never been given a reason for not selling parts. The "wall" answer is "It's against our policy". I have asked to see the a copy of the policy, but it is unavailable.

    If I am not allowed to buy a replacement battery, I too am finished with Razer. It was (and still is) a FANTASTIC laptop. I had full intentions of purchasing a new one and pass this one on. Razer doesn't make that possible. I thought the company was for the customers. If you thing I am wrong.. Googled Razer parts or Replacement batteries. It almost took a supreme court decision for them to sell the rubber feet, without making customers send it their laptops. Again.. the LAPTOP is FANTASTIC. Customer service is HORRIBLE . Take care my friend. Wish we met under better circumstances. I will continue to post honest reviews on the Razer products I have purchased. Now to go check out the linked site.
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