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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by mrselfdestruct, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. mrselfdestruct

    mrselfdestruct New Member

    I'm sure much of the community will agree with me that if Razer can add games like World of Tanks/Warships, Dirty Bomb, Smite to the supported games for earning zSilver, you'll be making the community much happier. You may even consider removing Paladins due to the insanity of their newest update, and much of the community there has already left.
  2. HeyImNox

    HeyImNox New Member

    yeah, also games like battlerite would be awsome :)
  3. zoraw

    zoraw Cortex Product Developer Staff Member

    Hi @mrselfdestruct and @HeyImNox

    Thank you for taking part in our Cortex - zVault Beta program, we're taking this activity offline for a while as we look to revise and improve on.
  4. delware

    delware New Member

    yeah include Dirty Bomb pls
  5. Mr3pic

    Mr3pic New Member

    Yeah I feel like there should be a lot more of competitive games
  6. pitermac

    pitermac New Member

    Would be great if R6 Siege would be added
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