Any Battlefield players? What settings do you use?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by RoffleMyWaffles, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys. I just bought a new DeathAdder (first time) and am configuring the settings in Synapse on a 1920x1080 resolution.

    What settings do you guys use? Right now I have DPI set at 1000 with acceleration at 2, and it's working pretty well. I haven't hit that sweet spot yet, but I'm working on it.
  2. Atmi99

    Atmi99 New Member

    I use a ouroboros at 4000 dpi and accelaration 10 but in game i have it at 20/25 cuz its better to have a high dpi and low sensitivity then the other way around. This is because of the fact that low sens gives you a more raw-input but the dpi keeps the speed up.

    Hope it helps
  3. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    Original 1800 DPI on synapses and 6% sensitivity in game. 1000 polling and acceleration off (on 0)
  4. MongoosePanda

    MongoosePanda Active Member

    I use a Deathadder as well and I use 1800 DPI,1000 polling and 0 accerlation on Synapse and for in game I use 20% sensitivity and raw mouse input.
  5. I've actually been using 2400 DPI, 1 acceleration and 10% sensitivity in-game without raw-input. Windows sensitivity is set at the 6, or the 1:1 ratio. It's working fantastic for me. I have enough sensitivity in close, intense combat and a low enough sensitivity for accurate sniping. I think you just have to ignore what people say sometimes and work with what's comfortable. Just because some computer settings are popular doesn't mean it will work best for you. I also play at 1920x1080 with 90 field of view.
  6. I am playing mostly Sniper rifles in Battlefield, so its a little bit awkward to speak about sensitivity, its only 1400 DPI for me and 6% sensitivity in game :D

    It works really great for me, but yet i do have deathadder chroma and the vespula mat for control :D

    on CSGO i use even lower DPI, just 700 and sensitivity only 5 and those headshots just come without even trying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :D
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