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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by jea345, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. Its March 28th... Little hope left... If the update for the mac configurator will be delayed, just tell us; at least thats better than keeping us in the dark and not telling us anything... Looking forward to the mac version when it comes out though :)
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  2. Anybody heard anything from Razer support on this matter yet?
  3. Nothing so far. Hopefully they just release it finally today.

    On another thread I saw this post by mJo (another member)

    "Yeah I've been checking for an update every day. Still no Chroma Configurator yet.
    I contacted Razer support about this about a week back. Initially they said that there was no ETA, then I sent them the link to the post where they confirmed the end of March, and they then confirmed that the ETA given in the thread was, indeed, the correct one.
    So... still waiting!"

    If this is true that means it must be coming out within the next 2 days!
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  4. don't have much hope left now though...
  5. upCeilquick751

    upCeilquick751 New Member

    To be honest, I've never had hope when it comes to Razer, from all my experiences with them, each time they announced a date they'll be releasing an update, the date was never respected and it always comes out maybe 1-2 months after lol. It really baffles how they're one of the biggest gaming peripheral companies out theres yet have almost no reliability when it comes to these types of things.
  6. Agreed.
  7. All things considered, I sure hope its not 1-2 months later. If they say it will be released in march, just release it in march. For all we know they have the update stored in some dusty backup drive in the catacombs of their offices all to be lost and forgotten. I don't quite understand the whole release "Mac compatibility" a year after windows release (or in most cases 10 years-never). There are reasons why steam is releasing more and more games for both Windows and Mac operating systems. More and more people are gaming on macs as Apple slowly realizes that a lot of their customers enjoy playing PC games therefore are upgrade their graphics cards. Maybe in 10 or so years the playing field will be even... I have my doubts tho.
  8. PersonSuit

    PersonSuit Member

    Apple has known since the Apple II that people like to game, that's not the problem with Mac gaming. The problem is devs are not making games for Mac because more people own PC's, that's all. The reason more games are being PC & Mac now is because Mac sales have picked up ever since the App store came out in IOS 3. iPhone and then iPad games started taking off, Apples Mobil sales when up, then these people started buying Mac and so on. This is the reason why I used Windows Virtualization software on my PPC Macs, then BootCamp With full windows XP with Intel Macs, then last year broke down and built my dream gaming rig. Even though Apple is in a much better place than it was 10 Years ago, with their prices it will never be as big as windows. There are other reasons too that I wont get into, hardware choices they have made and such, but this is why you game with PC's and use mac for Everything els :)
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  9. Could Anyone from Support Please respond and at least give us a new ETA?
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    If I could bump this thread I would! :D Is there the possibility of an update from a staff member if possible? :)
  11. Hi! Since it's no longer March, I was wondering if there's a new ETA on a mac version of the chroma configurator. Thanks!
  12. The last I heard from support was when I contacted them a few weeks back, at first they said there was no ETA, but when I mentioned the post by kooki and linked them that thread, they confirmed that the original ETA was still valid. Here is the exact quote:
    "I just consulted the specialists and they can confirm that the active ETA on the software is in accord to the post that you have linked me."
    So that was two weeks ago. If I had to guess, we should be getting it any day now.
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  13. While I echo the majority of this, I do think that times are changing. More and more developers are making native Mac clients for their games. Even looking at a few years ago compared to today, there are a lot more games that can be played on the Mac. Then there are companies like Blizzard that have been making native Mac clients for years, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Even all of my Valve games have Mac clients now! ESO has one, now The Sims 4 has one, FFXIV is coming out with one soon, it's really amazing how many devs are coming around to Mac. I used to use BootCamp on my iMac for virtually every game I played. Now, I actually only use it for one game, and that game is getting a native Mac client in June. When June comes around, the only thing I'll have to boot to Windows for is GTA V, as it will be released by then. That makes me a very happy person, as my husband and I truly despise having to boot to Windows. I don't mind having to do it though, as I see it as a necessary evil.

    Now I don't want to turn this into a any kind of war on here, as I know that everyone has their preference. I'm not saying anything is wrong with Windows, it just isn't my preference, but I will argue that more and more developers nowadays are making Mac clients for games, and I think that trend will continue.

    Edit: For clarification, I'm not saying that the Mac OS will ever be as big or bigger than Windows, my argument is that for those who prefer Mac OS, it can be a perfectly fine gaming rig. If you want a dream gaming rig with the most capabilities, then by all means, building a Windows machine is your best bet, but Macs will do just fine for most games. :]
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  14. PersonSuit

    PersonSuit Member

    There are definitely more games for Mac being made now than 10 years ago. And please don't get me wrong by my other post, I love Mac's I have several, I grew up on a Mac IIsi :) and played Marathon and Myth like there was no tomorrow. I would love to continue seeing more and more titles come to Mac. What I am about to say is in no way trying to start a war, and while it may seem like I'm trying to convert you to PC I'm not. Again I love my Mac, but if you a gamer there are reasons why you may want to invest in a gaming PC.

    Reason one is Price Vs. Hardware. This is no surprise to us mac users that we pay a premium for our beautiful machines. and if your doing Art, Design or Music really anything creative the Mac has the foundation to do it better than anyone else. But when it comes to gaming, the price point does not match the return. here are some examples of this.

    Starting with portable gaming as gaming laptops have really taken off over the past 5 years and the only real option with Apple is the MacBook Pro. Its beautiful design in a powerful thin package if very appalling, I know, I have one myself and its amazing. But how does it perform with games. The answer is sadly not to well and here is why. The top end MacBook starts at $2,500 and still only has the NVidia 750m. To put this in perspective they are up to the 980m, so its a pretty old chip. for $1,000 you can get a PC laptop with an 860m that can pull 41.57FPS in BioShock infinite vs the 750m's 16.3FPS. Or you could even get a laptop with the 980m for $1,800 that will pull 90.47FPS. If you really go all out you could even get a laptop with dual 980m for just over $3,000 and MSI makes a laptop that is GPU upgradeable. (all of these FPS are taken from Ultra settings.)

    Now lets look at gaming desktops since this is where the real power is. The iMac by many is considered to be the choice by many apple users as the apple gaming machine. And it has some nice specs, fast processor, and a Radeon R9 M290X and for the top iMac starts at $2,500. But wait, M290X? That's right, its using mobile graphics. While this would have been a better choice for the MacBook Pro, and while it is a huge jump from the 750M its not desktop class, nor is it even as fast as the 980M. the M290X pulls 46.8FPS in BioShock. For just under $1,400 you can get a PC with the same CPU and Ram with a 980 that can pull 113.5FPS. for $2,500 you can get that same PC with Three 980's. My Rig only has two and its pulling 176FPS in BioShock, three would give you well over 200FPS.

    The last model people think of for Mac games is the MacPro. it has a AMD FirePro D300 or D700 if you go all out. What is this GPU? Honestly there is not a lot of information on what specs it has. But after looking at some benchmarks it doesn't perform that well for games. On the popular benchmark FireStrike 1.1 the Dual D700 model that costs $4,600 pulls a score of 10,387, when a single 980 pulls on average 14,000. This is because this GPU wasn't meant for gaming, but perfect for graphic design. Making the iMac the better option if your doing Mac gaming.

    The last thing to consider is upgradeability. There are only two things you can upgrade in a Mac. Ram and Harddrive. This is unfortunate as new graphics cards come out every year and most of the time you don't need a whole new computer, just a new card to get amazing performance. You used to be able to do this when the Mac Tower had PCI slots, I went through 3 cards on my old G4 Tower, but with the new Mac Pro there are no card slots. and while you can get PCI to Thunderbolt adaptors it does not support graphics cards.

    In Closings, again I love Macs. I use any one of my Macs several times a day, and I would not want anyone to stop using them. But between the lack of graphical processing power, minimal upgradability, price and 3,550 vs 10,829 games on steam alone, you need to consider PC's when it comes to games, and Macs for everything else. Again this is not a war, or trying to convert you. These are just price and performance facts, that's all.
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  15. I understand what you are saying, and I agree that if you want a gaming machine, you can build a PC that will outperform a Mac for a lot cheaper.
    My argument is that you can buy a Mac and game with little to no problems. If you have the money and you want to pour it into a Mac, you will have a lot more options nowadays for games you can play on it, and I do think that trend will continue.
    While I am in the market for a new computer to game on, you just couldn't pay me any amount of money to sink it into a PC. I'd rather not have to deal with Windows, as I truly despise the OS, and most of the games I play now are out for Mac now anyway. I would rather just drop $5,000 on a top of the line iMac and use that. Is it the most reasonable financially? No, probably not for most people. I just have my preference, and I'm happy to see that devs are starting to make games for those who share that preference! There's no game that I play right now that my iMac, though a few years old, cannot play at the highest settings without any issues.
    Will a PC that someone built outperform my Mac? Probably (most definitely, actually, assuming the person built it had half a brain), but my iMac works just fine for everything I do, including streaming from my computer, my consoles, and basically playing video games all day. Being a housewife at the moment, I don't have much else on my plate, heh.
    I am definitely not saying that Macs are better for gaming in any way, I'm just saying that for people like me, they are more than adequate for -most- games. If you have the money to drop on a high end iMac, you shouldn't have any problems playing any new games on the highest settings. That's all I'm saying.

    Sorry for like, 6 edits. Just trying to be clear in that I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying gaming on a Mac is plenty possible. If you don't want a gaming PC and you have the money for an expensive Mac, you don't need to sink money into a PC.
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  16. PersonSuit

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    That's cool. And sorry if I kinda went of on a whole thing there. I totally get where your coming from. and I'm sure you will game just fine on the mac. The only reason I wanted to through that out there was because at the start of last year I had the same mindset, sure I ran boot camp when I had to, and emulation software before that but I always said I would never by a windows only machine. I'm not a fan. But after a friend of mine built a PC, I got a building bug myself. I bit the bullet of having to use windows and built my rig that I only use for games. most expensive console ever haha. windows is not that bad, but it is also no Unix Based Powerhouse. and for gaming with all the reasons I said above I'm really glad I gave it a chance. being able to V-Sync at 144FPS on every game on ultra settings is a cool moment. But ill stop here. Macs are awesome, and I'm sure you'll game just fine. After my experience last year I felt I should write that out.

    Now back to the thread: Where is the Mac Chroma Configurator. I want to use my Blackwidow custom layouts with my Mac's :)
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  17. I get that, and I used to build them when I was growing up. My dad and I built my first PC when I was 8, and I had one of those big colorful iMacs too, haha. I've almost always had both, but at this point in my life, I just don't like having two computers anymore, so I like one that can do a little of everything. Is it the best at gaming? No, definitely not, but it does it pretty well. My husband actually has the bug pretty badly right now. He wants to build a Steam OS computer for the living room.
    I'm right there with you. I have such a lovely setup for my keyboard on the Windows side. I want that on my Mac!

    Hey, all of the back and forth on the thread keeps it on that front page of the forums at least! Nothing bad can be said about some friendly Windows/Mac discussion here! :]
  18. whats going on?We should be worried about getting are moneys worth with the update they gave windows.Technology is in the future and it should be no reason we have to be sweating waiting to get a update after spending over a $100 for a keyboard.We support them and they can us smfh...
  19. Yes i agree we should all be calling and upset while windows has fun and lol at us..Technology is hear and they just playing
    with us..
  20. I contacted support a couple of weeks ago, and they confirmed the ETA that was originally given, which was the end of March. If I had to guess, we will probably get the Configurator any day now.
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