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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by DreddJ, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. DreddJ

    DreddJ New Member

    Hi All,

    Just wondering the CS GO players, what DPI settings you use? I have been experimenting with mine and Now I am at 2000 After I started at 3500.


  2. Personally I'm not a CS GO player, but do you have your Windows mouse pointer speed settings at the 6th tick (right in the center) with the "Enhance pointer precision" un-checked? If not, then you're likely going to get some software interpolation from Windows which would make your DPI not the "real" DPI.

    Anything other than the center tick applies scaling to your mouse DPI, and if you check the "Enhance pointer precision" (checked by default on windows) then it actually adds acceleration to your mouse movements (meaning when you move your mouse it starts out at 2000dpi sensitivity but then increases more and more the further you move your mouse).

    Also, I'm a LoL player and I use 4200 DPI.
  3. Hoangtran195

    Hoangtran195 Member

    I use 4500 DPI for LoL and 2000 for CS GO. Just a reference though. You will find your true DPI after a while experimenting.
  4. spencelele

    spencelele Member

    I'd suggest something around 800 with in-game 1.33. That's my personal settings and it's what pro's use often. They also generally use 400dpi but I forgot what the in-game was, I wanna say 2.0. But Sensitivity is what will raise you a level for sure and I use to play at high sens like everyone else that has commented but after listening to pro's when they stream and learning their set-ups, I switched and got a big ass mousepad and now I play WAY better. So I really urge everyone to try to adapt to lower sens! :)
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  5. Hoangtran195

    Hoangtran195 Member

    Using lower DPI for FPS games like CS GO is a pretty good idea, at least from what I have heard from the pros. I used to have like 800 - 1000 DPI on my DealthAdder but since it broken and I am waiting for the replacement, I have my Logitech G502 Proteus Cores at around 2000 for CS GO with the Shift button at 800 DPI.

    I got tired of moving my mouse across the mousepad every 5 seconds :D
  6. spencelele

    spencelele Member

    Yeah most people don't like to use large mouse movements but I decided it was better overall. I move my mouse the way WarOwl teaches in one of his tutorial videos for CSGO. (Has a YouTube channel that's very helpful for all things CSGO! No affiliation, not trying to advertise)

    Basically all larger movements are picking the mouse up and using your arm to move the mouse, while you use the wrist to do micro-corrections. So the lower DPI is almost essential for this type of gameplay where you sacrifice being lazy/arm getting tired for the easier micro-corrections to get the headshot rather than a body shot, not to mention lower sensitivity makes spray control wayyyy easier!

    One way you can create a useable DPI for CSGO is another tip from WarOwl where he set his by a simple rule: A swipe from one side of your mousepad to the other (horizontally) will turn you around 180 degrees. Making that swipe easy and you don't have to think about it, then you use muscle memory to learn the rest of your movements like 90 degree turns (which will be easier if you practice swiping half your mousepad).

    This is all just advice if you're having trouble or want a more calculated approach, etc. Hope some people can get some use from this :)
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  7. Hoangtran195

    Hoangtran195 Member


    Thank you. I will definitely take your advice into consideration. I have heard those before so I know those advice are legit. I will try it when I get my DealthAdder replacement.
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  8. spencelele

    spencelele Member

    Cool man, hope it works out for you! GL HF.
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  9. kaseykong408

    kaseykong408 New Member

    for csgo i use 700dpi @ 2 sensitivity in game
    currently a double AK
  10. bonets12

    bonets12 New Member

    how about the acceleration?
  11. Di5array

    Di5array New Member

    Personally I use 450dpi and 2.5 sensitivity in-game, with windows sensitivity slider at 6/11, acceleration off, raw input on (can't remember in raw input was a CS:GO or Osu! thing though xD). I remember when I used to use 3000dpi, I don't know how I could stand it haha.

    But yeah you'll want to use something fairly low, as it allows for greater accuracy when you flick your wrist in a certain direction; making a large movement resulting in a small change in aim means you can quickly change direction without overshooting for example, I think its easier for muscle memory this way rather than moving your mouse a few mm and suddenly you're aiming in the complete opposite direction, my hands aren't that steady xD
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  12. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    No acceleration, as this makes it nearly impossible to achieve constant results.

    For DPI:
    • Windows 6/11
    • CS:GO in game ca. 1.5-2 sensitivity (personal)
    • DPI ca. 1000-1300 (personal)
    My rules are:
    1. Must be able to turn 180 degrees without lifting mouse
    2. Sensitivity low enough, so that I am still accurate when I´m the last one alive and my heart is pumping & my hand is slightly shaking.
    But I´m playing shooters with a Naga... don´t listen to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  13. Semperr

    Semperr New Member

    i use my deathadder with a 600 dpi while playing csgo.
    when i awp i lower my mouse sensivity to 200 with one of the buttons on the left!
  14. DreddJ

    DreddJ New Member

    I've tried different combination. I don't use acceleration and Its better without it for me.
  15. spliffSTAR

    spliffSTAR Active Member

    I started out high like 7 to 8000 because I like swipe shots with less movement which worked well for me on source on go though I'm down to about 4000 I still get minimal input action for movement on screen but have improved accuracy for head shots but the more I play I find my game to be mid level tier so I'm planning on experimenting with lower. I've lost too many firefights by getting body shots instead of head and if I lose one more battle leaving the other person with one hp left I might lose my mind.
  16. same with the DPI, 700 is perfect, you can track those heads so easily with lower DPI and sensitivity.

    My sensitivity is 3, works better for me :)

    Guys, if you want to get better, just try various sensitivities and download workshop maps that train your accuracy and aim !

    2 AKs as you are bro ! :)
  17. I can't understand how you guys play with like 3000 DPI++.
    I play with 700 DPI, 4 mouse sensitivity in CS:GO and it's just perfect.
  18. PeterB

    PeterB Active Member

    highest i can go 3500 dpi :)
  19. PumpkinMage

    PumpkinMage Active Member

    Same as everyone else here is saying, I like to use about 2,000 DPI. However, as I got asking around a lot of the better people tend to take advantage of the X and Y axis split sensitivity feature. I usually keep my X and around 2,000 DPI but I will decrease the Y by a little bit more, I am constantly changing it as it is pretty hard to nail down. Once you have it nailed down, it makes all the difference.

    The change that this is making is a huge one, it allows you to target the player faster, (horizontally) and your vertical movements are toned down, making it easier to hit the enemy target in the head. This technique only works for some, however, as it is a pretty niche thing for the game and the mouse. But hey, why not try it out?
  20. i use 800-1000dpi and ingame settings 1
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