[GUIDE] Using your 144Hz monitor with the Razer Ripsaw

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by Razer|Junch, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. badnewsbro

    badnewsbro New Member

    can we setup to 3 monitors and record the video made on the center monitor?
  2. DrDiesel

    DrDiesel Active Member

    Hi, thank you for this guide I appreciate it.

    I am having a little trouble recording and this is my first time using OBS so it has taken me a little while to get used to it. I am currently playing games with my 144 Hz monitor connected to my desktop gaming PC and am using my new Blade as my streaming PC. When I stream to my Blade and go full screen it only puts the screen in the top right corner and it also records like this. I think that it may be because I am streaming at 1080p on the Ripsaw to the blade's 3200x1800 screen so it is just keeping it at 1080p. I'm not sure if that what is going on or not but if it is is there any way to fix it?
  3. jakz0rz

    jakz0rz New Member

    Is this absolutely necessary? I've done the standard Clone method, and my benq 144hz monitor seems to be running at 144 still and the ripsaw at 60.
  4. OPScatter

    OPScatter New Member

    I did everything and my main screen 144hz is laggy. idk how to fix
  5. While that did work for some games it doesn't work with all. I had no luck getting that to work on R6 siege without it stuttering the game like crazy. I wonder if Xsplit has a preview mode and it would work better on that.
  6. SpectrL

    SpectrL Member

    Can it be used as a capture card?
  7. Hey, i have a question.
    I did the same as shown in the diagram but i did it a little different. I used OBS on my gaming PC which is 1440p 144Hz G-sync and did the preview screen. After sending the preview to my stream PC - there i use Xsplit Broadcaster and my capture card is Elgato HD60 Pro but here's the problem.
    When i play in 2560x1440 144FPS on my gaming PC the preview start lagging. I don't know why. But when i change the FPS limit to 60 - the preview image is flawless and nice and i still can play in 1440p but in 60 FPS. When i change it again to any FPS higher then 60 it starts lagging. So how did you made it work? The capture cards are from different companys but the functuonality is the same. Help me please. Thx
  8. Hi, You HAVE to use OBS classic preview.
  9. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    Nice guide, really usefull man. Thanks.
  10. I've got everything working, but the stream quality is terrible. I'm watching it on my laptop lag every other second
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  11. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    Could be your internet bandwidth that's the issue.
  12. Zoidbee

    Zoidbee Active Member

    This is something I have been looking for for awhile. thank you
  13. RayHawk

    RayHawk New Member

    Just managed to have this working. Installed Win10 on my MacbookPro, hooked up the Ripsaw, followed instructions with a bit of tweaking since I'm using OBS studio and works perfect when I started a test record.

    Remaining to do item is to figure out how to capture the sound as well.
  14. The problem with this is that the OBS preview window is lower quality than what you'd get if you were to stream your game directly (very noticeable lag). To do the comparison yourself, try cloning your monitor rather than extending it to capture the game directly. It's much smoother when you clone, however then you can't play on 144hz or a higher resolution if you have that. For example I have a 1440p 144hz monitor that I want to play on, and yet capture at 720p. I can do this using "extend displays" but I can't using "clone displays".

    I'm currently trying a workaround by using other preview programs that aren't OBS since I so far haven't been able to get the OBS preview quality to be good enough.

    If anyone has any ideas or understands the quality degradation I'm talking about (mostly it just looks choppier than if I clone or stream directly from my main PC) please let me know.

    This is my mini review of the ripsaw with a detailed description of my problem.

    I ended up returning the ripsaw because of these issues and something else I noticed. It only gave me the option of 1080i, not 1080p, and 720p is the native resolution of the ripsaw. I'm thinking this is one of the reasons I've been having so much trouble with it looking bad.
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  15. Hey guys, I really would like to follow up your guide. But my problem is that i cant select other refresh rates then 85 or 100 when I extend my monitor with my streaming card. Got an Acer Predator XB241H. Only if I got one monitor activated I can take the 144.

    Please help me out :slightly_sad:

  16. Megaman2468

    Megaman2468 New Member

    I need someone's help, I am currently running a gtx1080 (gaming pc) which runs a 4k monitor via display port, I am looking to stream via my laptop gtx1070 (Streaming pc) running through the razer Ripsaw and also using xsplit as the streaming software, when I try to stream, the 4k monitor downgrades to 1080p, has anyone with a similar setup able to help me with settings so I can game at 4k and stream that at 1080p via the laptop (stream PC)
  17. HUSKER222

    HUSKER222 New Member

    i bought a razer ripsaw. My gaming PC i have a TITAN X video card i have a ASUS PG348Q 1440p Ultrawide. and i had issues getting the stream going basically. i went like this

    DVI-HDMI Cable from gaming PC to Streaming monitor hdmi port 2
    HDMI Cable to HDMI Port from gaming PC to Razer Ripsaw In
    Displayport Cable from gaming pc video card to gaming monitor

    DVI-HDMI Cable from streaming PC to HDMI port 1 on streaming monitor
    HDMI Cable from streaming PC to HDMI out on capture card

    I have the Mic set up on the streaming pc. I cant get audio unless the mic picks it up from the gaming pcs speakers. I and using a program called voicemeeter and i have Audio 1 as my SPDIF out (my surround sound logitech z908 or something is connected with optical cable) and audio 2 is razer ripsaw and i saw another (the same name) option for razer ripsaw so i made that audio 3 but i still get no audio via capture card and i have issues with the downscaling. also to get it working and to duplicate display 1 and 2 i had to connect the DVI-HDMI cable from gaming PC to Streaming monitor HDMI port 2. I do not know why that worked to atleast get a picture on a stream. I also went into GeForce Control panel because all of a sudden this morning i couldnt get it working and i changed the resolution in there on mointor 1 to 1080p and then it showed up on the streaming pc in OBS (my desktop) and when i go into display settings monitor 1 still shows at 1440p. But i cant game in 1440p but output in 1080p to streaming PC. This is getting super aggravating. I hope I explained everything properly. I very new to streaming. Thank you guys for all of your help in advance!
  18. Xharso

    Xharso New Member

    Thanks for the guide. Going to upgrade my pc soon and was going to grab the ripsaw afterwards. I'm assuming it works the same with xsplit? I saw a few people mention it but no one says if it's the same.
  19. Hello,

    I have all working fine except the audio... i cant get working the audio working, any idea on how i can fix that??

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  20. ElijahFRost

    ElijahFRost New Member

    Im trying to set this up But i am having some problems , lets see if someone knows why! :)
    So i will list my specs first

    1 Gaming pc
    gtx 970
    16 gb ram
    watercooled cpu

    2 Laptop (streaming pc)

    i74700hq 2.40 ghz
    16 ram
    770m 3 gb

    internet 94 down 98 up
    both computers with latest drivers
    both computers with cable to router

    tried with both obs studio and classic

    i have spent 3 days about 8k hours per day , to search and try diffrent things from looking at some forums and youtube
    plus i have tried 1000 diffrent combinations with obs on both computers . both mirror screen and extend 144hz fix

    i would like to game at 144hz and stream from laptop in 720p 60 fps

    my problem is that the quality is too damn bad when streaming . i have tried 1080p 60 fps ,1080 30 fps , 720p 60 and 720p 30 fps
    ´withing all these tests i have altered alot of settings testing one thing at a time ! cant seem to get the quality other people get , and it makes me really frustrated

    i am about to give up . hopefully some god of streaming might come down from above and help me out a little !

    i would be so happy if someone magically came with a fix or the right settings and helped me out :) cheers

    Do you still need help with the audio ? i have that sorted out , but not how to get good quality stream lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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