Have you ever spilled something on your razer keyboard? if so what happened?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Eternal Winter, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. Red_Crow

    Red_Crow New Member

    The other day i spilled 1/8 cup of water on my new Blackwidow Chroma. INSTANT HEART ATTACK but it was okay and worked fine, luckily! phew. Never putting liquids near my computer setup ever again. Any keyboard disaster experience you would like to share?
  2. My cat flew on my keyboard and in the process flung my hot coffee all over my black widow. It worked somehow afterwards, although very sticky. Have no clue how it still worked, but the next day I used my insurance on best buy which is the best thing since I've done it several times on razer products since they aren't cheap and are subject to wear and tear. Also sometimes I just return it back to best buy for store credit to get a newer Razer product :3
  3. MordecaiTheFox

    MordecaiTheFox New Member

    I've spilled water on my DeathStalker and keys didn't work right after it happened.
    So i unplugged it, took the keys off carefully and took q-tips to swab the water, and put it (with the keys off) in a bag of rice. Then put it together the next day and it ran like no problem.
  4. Ilikeeggs

    Ilikeeggs New Member

    Spilled almost a whole cup of coffee on a DeathStalker. In about five seconds, the keyboards was unplugged and turned upside down as to get most of it out. I took apart the whole thing and cleaned every nook and cranny. It came back together just fine and worked just fine, which was very good.
  5. spilled a coke once on a blackwidow from 2010. ended up nearly ruining the keyboard and I had to completely disassemble and clean it :/ it still works but some switches feel a little off and I don't use it anymore
  6. JCKash

    JCKash New Member

    Yea I have spilled soda on my keyboard before. Luckily it kept working. They are pretty durable. The outer shell should protect the gadgets on the inside that make the keyboard operational. Its frustrating when liquids somehow cause those problems, but nothing is perfect.
  7. a little bit of water, but nothing else. still works to this day.
  8. JWingWangWong

    JWingWangWong New Member

    A friend of mine spilt a lot of chocolate milk on his black widow. He wasn't too upset as he bought another black widow (cause his old one was out of warranty).
  9. RBFG7234

    RBFG7234 New Member

    I spilled soda on my old keyboard and got sticky keys (lol)
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  10. 8055n

    8055n New Member

    I spilled hot ramen soup on my old keyboard... past tense... old keyboard in the trash...

    Lol for the sticky key joke
  11. TheRolo

    TheRolo New Member

    a friend of mine spilled menudo on his Blackwidow Ultimate. After he dried it off, 3 of the keys on the left side of his keyboard were sometimes unresponsive.
  12. Kennebob

    Kennebob New Member

    came here for some good stories. and it delivered.
  13. stanimalec

    stanimalec New Member

    I've spilled a glass of water on my blackwidow ultimate!! Instant heart attack, luckily the keyboard worked without a problem!
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  14. rossman4

    rossman4 New Member

    I have spilled a cereal bowl of milk on mine and it was horrible. it got replaced for free at best buy though!
  15. BlaqLash

    BlaqLash New Member

    I've taken down two Blackwidow Ultimates by means of beer and sodas. Sure they kinda worked after some washing and prolonged drying, but I couldn't live with sticky keys.

    I'm now on a Blackwidow which has been serving me for over two years. I could say I'm more careful, but franky, it's just luck.
  16. sfbradzilla

    sfbradzilla New Member

    No. Sounds frustrating!
  17. TealDeerammogeo692

    TealDeerammogeo692 New Member

    stickers on it
  18. Octylus

    Octylus New Member

    I was playing CS:GO and my arm jerked and I spilled half a glass of water on my keyboard. Now my comma button doesn't work.
  19. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    Since it's a mechanical keyboard, I think it can withstand a bit more abuse than the standard membrane keyboard. The switches tolerate more liquid abuse than we think, I saw youtubes where people pour hot coffee on it just for experiment and cleaning demonstration and the mechanical keyboard survived. But even so I NEVER keep anything liquid near my electronic products, I have a separate small serving table on the side to put my food and drinks on when using the computer and gaming. It's safe, save space on the computer table, and simple clean up afterward without endangering your equipment with the possibility of spills and such.
  20. LegendStix124

    LegendStix124 New Member

    The quality is actually pretty nice and yes it works if you accidentally spill a bit of water on it just remove the caps and get some paper towel xD
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