I got the Razer Tactical Backpack - AMA - Video Overview Inside!

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by radioSapGreenbase431, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. That would be cool, for now I'm just been putting my Zendure inside the front pouch :)
  2. Yes, should fit. I had one of those, a g73, and it was semi-similar in size to the blade dimensions just way thicker and had a bit more depth from front to back, I think it'll fit, but I can't guarantee it!
  3. You and me both!! Oh em gee. I had a free targus backpack that came with my Asus laptop and I felt that thing was way too high up. Definitely more comfortable with the Razer backpack for sure.

    Green interior serves two purposes:

    Lets you see things that gravitate toward the bottom

    and it's Razer colors and looks kick ass!
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  4. soulistus

    soulistus New Member

    Just to add to the train of compliments for this bag,

    I've owned it for a month or so now (bought it a few days after it was announced), and here's what I've used it for and my thoughts on it:

    My first excursion with the bag was to a session of D&D (saw a post earlier about that). The bag worked great! I fit my Razer Blade Pro in the laptop compartment with zero issue (as expected). The main pocket is deep, wide, and tall enough to hold all three of the 5e books, plus more than enough room for notebooks, and I still had a few inches next to the books to put a 1/5 liter water bottle.

    In the front pouch I had my tablet in the tablet sleeve (Nvidia Shield), keys, and usb flash drives. In the large side pockets I put two energy drinks on one side and my dice and laptop cables on the other. For the front I filled up the two Razer pockets with enough pencils to arm a bureaucratic army.

    I should note, I've owned several Molle backpacks in the past (one of which I bought just to carry my Razer Blade Pro in!), so I've amassed a small collection of pouches to attach to the bag. My comments on the molle system: I love the velcro, but I wish there were more rows of straps. Sometimes that can be inconvenient for pouches I own, but I'll forgive Razer if they produce some new pouches that can be bought separately. The quality of the materials used on the pouches makes them ideal for anyone with a Molle system to want.

    Anywho, the bag works great for LAN's and D&D, but what about a day to day academic or casual use?

    Firstly, academic. I've been using this bag for school all week and I couldn't be happier! All my books? Secure. Notebooks? Of course. Loose paper? Document divider divided those documents. Laptop? Without question. And hauling this thing around all day doesn't feel like I'm hauling around a bag of books; the structure of the bag itself stays in one shape whether it's full to the brim or empty (no slumping sacks, in other words), and the weight distribution makes it ideal for campus life. Also, today it decided to rain buckets and I got my opportunity to test out the bag's rain coat. Worked perfectly, dried quickly, stowed away even faster. Approved for school.

    Casual use, the bag still does well. If I'm spending the day out and about, I've got my every-day tech on me and maybe a few odds and ends. The bag holds it all and does its job. It's not so big that it's in the way of anything, but it's not so small that I couldn't stow away a hoodie if needed.

    Conclusion: Functional, eye-catching, and comfortable. Would recommend to enemies and allies alike.

    On a side note, the headphone mounting pouch thingy is great in concept but I haven't put much practice into it. Currently, my over-ear headphones are the Razer Tiamat 2.2's (nowhere near the smallest headset, by any stretch), so I'll stress-test a bit further and tell you all how that goes.

    Oh, and please don't be afraid to ask for pictures if you're curious about my set-up! And if any of you want to know what kinds of molle pouches work well with this backpack, I'd be happy to let you know that too! (and provide any appropriate links)

    -The Dark Arcader
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  5. raptor7279

    raptor7279 Member

    freaking awesome video! nice backpack! :D
  6. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    yall's reviews and videos made me go for it and i'm happy to say that I am enjoying my purchase. many compartments for the miscellaneous, very comfortable, and it fits the mobile lifestyle. it was high time for me to purchase a new bag to lug my cargo around anyway and i'm glad with the timing. I kind of still want to razer utility bag so i'll ponder that but for the time being, it gets the job done.
  7. Hoangtran195

    Hoangtran195 Member

    Another plus side is that a real gamer will recognize you when they see you with the bag. Kind of like a universal signal for gamers. :D
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  8. Sn4p_21

    Sn4p_21 Member

    Have you used the Utility backpack? If not, how did you choose between the Utility and Tactical backpacks?
  9. Cadetbytebay777

    Cadetbytebay777 New Member

    I had a quick look at the utility backpack before deciding it wasn't for me, It could be because of the giant air bag they stuffed in it to bulk up the display, but the utility backpack basically felt like.. a giant tall bucket which you throw stuff in it... which I think is exactly what they wanted it to be. ;)
  10. This has actual happened to me a few times now, there's a couple of people at my LGS where I play MtG and they come up to me and talk to me about Razer and video gaming. It's a nice conversation starter.

    Even those that don't know about razer always say they like my bag and think its cool :)
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  11. I have not used the utility pack. Not sure I'd like it myself personally just because I like the more "tactical" look from the tact pack and it seems to be made out of a different material too, the utility pack looks like it's more a nylon type material.

    I don't think you could go wrong either way when trying to carrying around a shite ton of stuff though, I've seen a review on the utility pack where a guy literally fits a ton of stuff into it.
  12. Yeah that's how I felt about it, it looks like a material that wouldn't stand up on it's own and hold it's shape without stuff in it, a very loose nylon material. Not my thing. I like having seperate compartments for things, not having to tetris things in and unload stuff to get to the things at the bottom.
  13. Hey me too! :D I bought the stealth messenger bag for my blade when I got it. Good for a carrying a blade...and just a blade. Once you add more things it quickly becomes very bloated and ugly looking. Definitely prefer the backpack over it too as it's more comfortable to us and can fit a lot more stuff inside it.
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  14. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Just a head's up, the manufacturer, Mobile Edge, has spare front pockets available for sale for the Razer Tactical Backpack (exact same as the two that come with it, green lined)

    $14.99 for 1, $24.99 for 2 - call them or e-mail them, they aren't available on the website.
  15. Dude. You are the man. Thanks for sharing I definitely will be buying 2 ouches to add on!
  16. a razer bag i dont have , can i have it ? :)
  17. Cuttershy

    Cuttershy Active Member

    This looks like a bag version of a swiss army knife.
    Also good video, i didn't know most of the things you showed us.
  18. 210162038

    210162038 Member

    Great video, it made me choose the tactical backpack not just for the looks!
  19. Basker

    Basker Member

    Thank you for that awesome Video! I just ordered mine now :)
    Have a nice day! :D
  20. JakeWIdhalm

    JakeWIdhalm Member

    Great review!:D
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