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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex 9.0 Closed Beta' started by Dekades, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Groundbreaking Razer Cortex 9.0 is available for beta testing

    The long-awaited Razer Cortex 9.0 is finally here! When you’ve seen what we’ve added, you’ll find that it was worth the wait.

    We’ve gone back to basics and cut out non-essentials, like GAMECASTER, to focus on boosting your gaming and system performance.
    • GAME BOOSTER – Improved core functions with the additional option to Disable CPU Sleep Mode for peak performance and Enable CPU Core to prioritize gaming.
    • SYSTEM BOOSTER – A newly introduced feature to improve your system by cleaning, optimizing and defragmenting. Clean unwanted junk files to save disk space. Optimize system configurations for better system performance and defragment games for faster load times, all with just a single click.
    • Faster and More Responsive – Improved Razer Cortex performance with quicker game scans and faster loading of DEALS.
    • Discover much more!

    Join The Closed Beta Test

    Interested? Be the first ones to try out Cortex 9.0! CLICK HERE to join the closed beta test.

    Beta Feedback

    You can submit your feedback right here in this forum and get in on discussions with other beta testers. You can also submit your feedback through the FEEDBACK button in Razer Cortex (be sure to include logs when reporting a bug for troubleshooting).

    What type of feedback are we looking for?
    • Stuff that's not working
    • Stuff that could be done better (don't forget to suggest how, be constructive)
    • Stuff that looks odd or doesn't make sense to you
    • Crashes (be as detailed as possible when describing the steps leading to the crash)
    • Bugs (be sure to provide logs)
    • Or simply tell us what you love about it!

    Feedback tips
    • Check to see if a similar report to yours has been posted. If it has, reply to that thread, instead. Let’s keep it tidy!
    • Be clear and concise so that the team can work on the issues as soon as possible.
    • Tell us what operating system you're using and what game you are playing.
    • Be sure to include download links of logs if you are submitting a bug in this forum.

    Log tool for forum users

    This tool is used to collect necessary logs for troubleshooting. You can download it HERE.
    1. Unzip it.
    2. Run LogCollector.exe and fill out the information required.
    3. Click Output and you’ll get a zipped log file on your desktop.
    To send it to our development team, please upload the zipped file to a third-party cloud service and include the download link in your post. The zip file is password protected. Your information will be kept safe and is confidential.

    Join and start sharing your thoughts on Razer Cortex 9.0!

    Cortex 9.0 Beta supports Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and later versions.

    Please allow 24-72 hours for your Razer Cortex 9.0 Beta account to process before you post to the forum. Thank you.
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  2. ZTlol

    ZTlol New Member

    I like this new icon, it looks like a dashboard.:smile_:It feel very fast:cool_:
    I played the Heroes of the Storm on my PC is not smooth.:frown_:With the Cortex9.0, this is a lot better.:big_grin_:
    I'd like to see a more significant improvement in the game.:wink_:
  3. pulsesight027

    pulsesight027 New Member


    Being a Cortex user since 6.0, I've always loved the BOOST part and HATED gamecaster. It's resource consuming and, to be honest, not that good. This is a game booster, not some streaming tool. So glad the team has decided to remember this.

    Back to this beta, it's quite refreshing because it adopted a new useful feature, System Booster. I've tried it a few times, quite handy to clean junks of browsers and system temps. (be sure to close your browsers before doing the cleaning, I've learned it over some failures) And the customization is quite simple, just check the one you want to clean. All in all, I like this new tool.

    Since booster is the main reason I use it, I did some test runs with a couple of my games. I have to say, this version is working much better than the old ones. I don't know if it's because the gamecaster has been removed, but I do know that I'm getting better FPS, and loading time is slightly shorter, not by much, but definitely better. Dota 2 got 95 FPS running by itself, with Cortex Boost, I got 110 FPS!!! This makes me happiest of all!!!

    I'm not a big fan of zSilver, but I did do some checking, same as old version.

    Kudos for removing gamecaster and better game booster. And System Booster is a lovely surprise. I love the new beta.

    PS a slight complaint, rewards is still hard to load.
  4. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    System requirements should be announced, can't install on Win7, not need and going to update soon.
    Pity, but have to live with that.
  5. Nancy8975

    Nancy8975 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi H00dy,

    Sorry to hear that you can't install this beta. We should have included the system requirement, our bad.

    In fact, Razer Cortex 9.0 beta supports Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and later versions. Can you please check whether you've installed the Service Pack? If not, please install it before having this beta.

    But if you've got Windows 7 SP 1 and still can't get this beta to install, please use the tool mentioned in Decades's post to send us some logs for troubleshooting.

    Thank you.
  6. Zekkee

    Zekkee Active Member

    Looks nice and feels less clunky than the previous version... Other than that I haven't exactly been able to test it out much.. Hpefully will do more
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  7. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    Hm this looks a bit better than the old one. I just hope it works that way too, it's good to have some new options added.
  8. traxed

    traxed Active Member

    The user interface looks so much nicer!
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  9. RacianVD

    RacianVD Active Member

    Yup it looks better already but for me at least there are things to be added
  10. Nancy8975

    Nancy8975 Administrator Staff Member

    Happy to see that you guys like it. Dig more, use it and see how it actually works for you.

    @RacianVD can you be more specific about the things you want to add? Dev team is all ears during this beta phase. :)
  11. DRIFT_IT

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Glad it doesnt take up as many system resources.
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  12. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member

    Good to give some feedback on the new beta. Its way faster than before. :)
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  13. MonoChratine

    MonoChratine New Member

    I love it and the time it takes to boost my games is way faster than before. I really like it but I would also like to see an advanced tab for things like changing how many cores a game should use.
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  14. RacianVD

    RacianVD Active Member

    I like the fact that an effort has been made to combine the applications together especially the "ccleaner" addition was a good move but im still using Synapse 2.21 for the surround pro.i understand that it might be a "legacy" program but it could be an addition to cortex.a registry cleaner/editor but thats just optional.Personally i use 2 programs to keep the PC "healthy", ccleaner and wise care 365 once in a while.Thats way ahead of what i would like to see thought.Full support on any new-old razer products on synapse plus the surround,i would be happy with just those.
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  15. Nancy8975

    Nancy8975 Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for giving it a lot of thoughts. But it's unseemly to combine Razer Cortex with Synapse, they are 2 different programs with totally different functions. And, we are trying to keep it light for now, after all, we have been told that too many features can make the program too heavy for those who only want use certain functions.

    But your suggestions are noted, we will put it in our consideration list. Thank you for supporting Razer.
  16. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Member

    I just have one request. Please make sure this update (unlike the current one) doesn't open 50 different processes and keep respawning them even after force closing. In other words: hopefully the new update isn't malware like current Cortex is. How about just 1 process that actually closes when I close it? That would be great.. thanks.
  17. Nancy8975

    Nancy8975 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi PhrostByt,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Actually, we saw your first post in Razer Cortex regular forum and have brought this to dev team.

    Please stay tuned with the new updates.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018 at 10:41 PM
  18. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Member

    I'm not sure what "the RESTORE feature" is.. I just don't want to play whack-a-mole with my task manager every time I want to close the razer software. It's frustrating and unnecessary. Just do 1 process for your software.
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  19. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    So far so good. Replies allowed!
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  20. Wanderingpaws

    Wanderingpaws New Member

    Welp it seems to be compatible with Black Desert so here we go! \o/
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