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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by xGarba, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. xGarba

    xGarba New Member

    Hi, I just purchased the Lancehead TE and an hour ago I'm trying to find some way to link my games with lighting profiles.
    My question, can you link games and applications to different color settings?
    Apologies for my english

    Hola, acabo de adquirir el Lancehead TE y hace una hora que estoy intentando encontrar alguna forma de vincular mis juegos con perfiles de iluminacion.
    Mi pregunta, se puede vincular juegos y aplicaciones a distintas configuraciones de colores ?
  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Normally you can, unless you have enabled the option for the game's own Chroma settings to be in use. I don't have much experience with Synapse 3 yet, as the only Razer mouse I have that is supported by Synapse 3 is my Atheris, which doesn't have any Chroma lighting, but in Synapse 2, what you're asking for is definitely possible.

    Just create different profiles with the lighting you want, and there is an option to link games to the profile (in Synapse 3). In Synapse 3, you can even link multiple games to the same profile. Since the color settings are particular to the particular profile, any time you open that game, you should see your color settings.

    In Synapse 2, there is a tick-box in the customization tab, just underneath where you would name/rename your profiles. If you check that box, a window should pop up that lets you browse your system to find the game/software to link it to (the .exe file). If you want multiple apps/games to have the same color, though, you'll need to create a profile for each app or game (just duplicate the one you want and rename the duplicate), and link them individually to the different software files.

    Again, if you have in-game Chroma settings enabled, they will take precedence over your own lighting customization.
  3. xGarba

    xGarba New Member

    Yes, the problem was that I had chroma activated. I was using chroma because it lets me configure the color zones. I do not want to have the whole mouse lit up :slightly_sad:
    Hopefully in future updates you can.

    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    so far, if you have the advanced chroma effects slider turned on, it doesnt matter what profile synapse switches to the effect stays the same, you have to change the advanced affect from within synapse every time rather than it being loaded with a profile.

    you can only use the basic effects to get loaded with profiles right now.

    i would like this to change too....i have advanced effects for a few games that i have to open synapse to change to just before i load the game....
  5. xGarba

    xGarba New Member

    Today install previous Synapse "no beta" and it works.
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