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Linux officially not supported on the Blade 15 2018?

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by RasecMusic, Nov 29, 2018.

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  1. RasecMusic

    RasecMusic New Member

    So I contacted Razer asking if there was an official BIOS update to install custom keys for Secure Boot (to be able to secure boot to my Linux installation) and the response from the support rep was:

    "As for the Linux issue, we do not have support for installing the OS, unfortunately"

    So I guess this means they will not officially support Linux?
  2. rnd_ash

    rnd_ash New Member


    You shouldnt need to do that in order to install linux

    Under the BIOS Settings, there is a sub menu for secure boot, from there you should be able to completely disable secure boot in order to get linux installation working.
  3. RasecMusic

    RasecMusic New Member

    Hi, sorry if I wasn't more specific.

    I have installed Linux on my laptop. Now I want to enable Secure Boot. It boots fine if i disable Secure Boot, I now NEED to enable Secure Boot.

    I hope I was more clear this time.
  4. rnd_ash

    rnd_ash New Member

    Ah i see,

    why would you need to enable secure boot anyway? It was mainly designed as a way to stop malware hijacking Windows, a problem that does not, obviously, occur on linux...

    Also, Secure boot is known to cause headaches on Linux at this time, support for it is still rather premature.

    My advice would be to just leave it turned off until support of secure boot becomes a bit more mainstream.

  5. Can you back that claim up? I don't think it is true.
    As far as I know Secure Boot is an important feature that does many things. For example it protects against certain root kit attacks and I don't think that these are specific to Windows.
    In my opinion it shouldn't concern you if someone has a need for a certain feature or not. The reason for needing such a feature could be as simple as being a corporate security policy or an insurance requirement.
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