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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NokiaFanatic, Jun 10, 2018.

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    So, new to the community here (HI!) and I was looking at getting a new work PC for my home, to add to my Work PC at the office, and a HP 15" laptop (also a ipad pro tablet). However, due to working about 35% home, 60% office, and 5% mobile, it was thought that perhaps I could consolidate down to 1 machine. I loved the idea - only 1 machine to keep apps up to date, settings only on 1 machine - perfect!.

    However! my workstation at the office has 2 - 34" ultrawides and 1 - 24". (home is just 2 - 34" ultrawides, hopefully will bring home a 24" as well to duplicate). And I am finding majority laptops WITH docking stations just don't support these 3 monitor setups.

    Enter Razer: The Core V2 offers the eGPU along with wired LAN, and able to take a slew of GPUs that should work for me. The core would act as my docking station at home and at the office. It states that the TB3 cable could also charge my laptop.

    Speaking of laptops, the stealth quad core caught my interest in being a 13.3" model. downsizing for my travels to and from and business trips would be nice (i think) to be a small form factor. Plus, the cost savings between the stealth core and the stealth blade would make financials a bit happier...

    NOW - keep in mind, this is primarily a WORK machine. However.... Should i swap out my GPU at home in my Core, not many would know :) So, therefore, I would be looking at some recommendations on what i should run at home. I have a Xbox one, and some PS3s in the home, and so gameing on a PC is a new venture for me - so going all out isn't needed - But,m I do have those 34" ultrawides at home (1 on top of the other).

    Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? - Thanks all in advance.

    BTW, the absolute first consideration thrown at me when i was going to consolidate was a Surface Book 2 15" with 2 surface docking stations (~$3000), so, my budget is hovering around there I would think - but also was just told to tell our IT department what I want, and they will get it. I just have to have JUST reason for the ask.
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