Razer Blade with Pascal GPU

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Overtask, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Ain't that the truth though? There's always compromise and for some reason it's nigh on impossible to find a perfect laptop. I'm relatively new to this scene in general, but I've been slowly building my knowledge in tech areas and as far as I can tell the Razer Blade seems like it's got everything I want and need, with very few concessions in turn. I mean as evidenced by the Stealth companies are getting better and better and fitting stuff in, so I hope not too long from now we'll see more competitive devices with great cooling and every feature you could want...without weighing and looking like a painted brick.
  2. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    As Linus Tech Tips confirmed, there will be a Blade later this year with a GTX 1060. While not the most powerful card on the market, it is still technically capable of VR, but on a thin laptop. Excited to see this.
  3. Kildras

    Kildras New Member

    I have been using laptop for over ten years because I had been studying abroad.
    These few years slim laptop development is eye opening for me.

    If it suits your need, and you are fine with the price tag then that's great.

    Honestly the biggest worry for me isn't the features but the cooling.
    If the msi can't handle the heat well enough, I honestly doubt the blade can.
    It needs an upgrade to its chassis for cooling or more heat pipes and I think razer sort of cheaped out here by just slamming the card in. (according to the looks anyway)

    I am probably ending up getting a blade if the temps review actually look acceptable. I need that professional look now that I have more and more business trips.
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  4. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    where?? i follow the you tube channel and I'm also subscribed to the forum???? don't tell me it was in the wan show because that's the only thing that i don't watch, too long and never have enough time to watch it
  5. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Last WAN show, 31:00 mark
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  6. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Yes please. G-Sync monitors for thin and light laptops finally.
    Just cloud it! Send them to yourself on Facebook. Or use one of many data hosting services...One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive. If you use One Drive and Windows 10 it's super easy.
    How is this still a problem for people? I've seen a few users mention it already. Use a USB hub when you're at home guys. Seriously though, for those complaining about the Blade's 3 USB 3.0 + Thunderbolt 3 + HDMI... Go look at the Macbook...you get a single USB-C port.

    Did you mean Thunderbolt?

    Yeah I agree with you. The specs are definitely nice. Problem is that imo, it's kind of ugly. The sides are messy because of all the holes for ports and exhausts. MSI's logo is ugly and the Dragon Shield reminds me of Lamborghini but this is a gaming laptop, not a car. The red is meh. It's also a tad larger than I'd like at 15.6".

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  7. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    If they put drive bays in a future Razer Core then it might actually make some kind of sense for 14" Razer Blade users. It would probably require using an additional USB port, but the Core adds more USB ports so no big deal there.
  8. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    At that point you might as well just be buying a desktop by adding drive bays haha. That would literally make it the size of some desktops.
  9. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    Yeah the main reason I'm after the Blade is because its the most clean and streamlined looking laptop out there. Everything else looks like a transformer.
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  10. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    I was talking more of the convenience of getting the images off the SD Card, although I mentioned that there's tools for that and yeah I do use those services as well as external drives already so I'm fine! :smile_:
    Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very frightening ME! GALILEO!

    Yes. Yes I did. It was 2am and I'm a potato. Fite me br0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

    It is one of the more gorgeous looking computers out there. Competing with Macs but with more usability and power (MORE THAN ONE PORT :eek_:) That said if it COULD transform into transport I wouldn't complain too much, especially if you didn't have to pay registration on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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  11. grit621

    grit621 Member

    Gallileo Figaro - magnifico!

    THAT was A W E S O M E !!
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  12. 23275

    23275 New Member

    I still can't afford a gtx 1080 lmaoo
  13. SladeNoctis

    SladeNoctis Member

    Ok so you agree with the rest of my suggestion but to clarify any confusion in my statement.

    One: The Razer Blade has one of the best keyboard period depending on the year. 2015 model has a comfortable 1.5mm travel with great actuation. The 2016 has a much shorter travel around 1.2mm and while the actuation I'd high to make it snappy it feels more like a keyboard on a thinner Ultrabook like the XPS 13 or weirdly the XPS 15 which botched it's keyboard. The travel is reduce most likely due to the chroma lighting but the trade off isn't worth it for me. Especially with the etching on the keys don't show lighting on the media/functionality keys.

    Two: physical storage is dead...what? go get a Chromebook which still has a sdcard slot on a $200~ laptop. The excuse not to have a sdcard on a $2000+ device is sad especially since every other premium device still comes with one. And no the 12inch iPad thin MacBook counts as people wanting a lack of physical storage option.

    My original statement is for Razer to improve and innovate. I appreciate the Core but with gpus like the 10 series already gives you desktop performance already on a laptop.

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  14. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    My issue with the storage issue is if you are wanting a ton of storage, you shouldn't be buying something small and portable.
  15. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    what about the samsung T3? it is a nice option, don't you think??
  16. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    Yeah but that plugs in via USB, so you can still have that.
  17. SladeNoctis

    SladeNoctis Member

    Well the use case for having a sdcard is to have a small portable solution for storage for you're other devices(phones, camaras, iot devices, etc ) not for you're laptop unless you have the latest chromebook. There are sdcards up to 512gb and the technically is being pushed to do nearly 300mb obviously these are higher priced models but it works. Plus a sdcard is useful when you need those usb ports for something more demanding and just need to manage storage or a recovery partition. It has it's uses, and you can tell its still a standard if every laptop has one besides the blade and some m-more laptops.

    Honestly all i want is them to put a 90+wh battery, add back the more responsive keyboard, atleast make it 1.6mm. and reduce those bezels, heck laptops 7 years ago had thinner bezels.
  18. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    It definitely is not a laptop standard, I have only had one laptop that has an sdcard slot and it was a Vaio. And if you don't like the bezel and this or that about it, then clearly it isn't the laptop for you. I don't mind the bezel.
  19. SladeNoctis

    SladeNoctis Member

    I had this laptop, actually every iteration of it, so I didn't know you had the judgement to say what clearly what people want. It's called giving my opinion and suggests on what i would like in a device i would like to innovate and succeed. If you don't agree that's fine but many other people like having a sdcard card and slimmer bezels. You should try the XPS 15 9550, should be on display on a local Best Buy if there is one around you. And what laptops did you have before, and where are you located. Its pretty standard in the States, and every gaming laptop I ran into has had a sdcard. Even premium laptops, heck even something called the Macbook Pro has it.
  20. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    I'm in Scotland/Sweden, so Best Buy doesn't exist. I've seen the XPS I agree the bezel is fantastic, that doesn't change the fact I don't mind a larger one. Also, who are you to say what is innovating and succeeding. You say you have owned every iteration of the Blade, so clearly you are telling Razer with your money that they are doing exactly what you want them to be doing. I'm not here to argue with you man, just don't like when people say "oh this needs this or that and it would be perfect" because nothing is perfect, you just gotta take what is best suited for you.
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