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Razer Comms

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Albert_Gil, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. Twinkyz

    Twinkyz New Member

    Does anyone prefer Comms over anything else like Skype or vent.
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Definitely. I use Comms pretty regularly these days. My daughter and her boyfriend used to live with us, but they just got their first house. So now when we play with her boyfriend we use Comms to communicate. I also have used it to chat with other Insider members.
  3. Zhuril

    Zhuril New Member

    I think Comms is a great service, although I think it lacks some functionality. IE Sound notifications that you've been disconnected from chat (for any reason) Or someone leaving chat etc.

    Otherwise it's a great alternative to Skype. Low Bandwidth (Though sound quality isn't as high, still acceptable and little flaws IE no built in back-ground canceling)

    It's easy to use and setup. Easy to add friends to calls or make group calls. We actually used it for our raid team's prefered VC in World of Warcraft. I think group leaders can even globally mute people in the channel, although i'm not entirely sure.

    Also when you make a group chat in Comms, the group stays open so people can reconnect to the group and wait for others to get on, rather than having to call everyone in the group and hope at least one person picks up to restart the group call.

    Both have their ups and downs. I like the functionality of Comms better as well as the fluidity with large group calls, but Skype has better audio quality and notifications. One of my biggest cons i would give to skype is their default settings can make their GUI REALLY annoying.
  4. What advantages does Comms have over something like TeamSpeak?
  5. I'm personally a HUGE Mumble person, but I've been looking to give Comms a try since I heard about it. I'll try to report back once I do! :)
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