Razer ManO'War 7.1 Gaming Headset

Discussion in 'Audio' started by technokat, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. LeumasZitro

    LeumasZitro New Member

    Guys I just had my Man O' War come in. I've got to say it's freaking incredible! The battery lasts a long time and it's completely wireless with surround sound. I love it! I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a new headset!
  2. fastMayaBlueside118

    fastMayaBlueside118 New Member

    I've had my Man O' War headset for a little over a month. It's way more comfortable than my previous kraken 7.1's, battery lasts ages and I 'was' really happy with them. The head cushion between the cups is joined to the unit by thin plastic, I'm very careful, I have a stand for my headset and look after all my gear but after only a month and a half, the plastic has cracked meaning the headset now sometimes digs into my head =/
    A lot of other headsets use metal connections to ensure they aren't prone to breaking and the way the Man O' War looks to be made, it seems like this cushion 'could' be a replaceable part but I don't know the value of replacing it if it's only going to last another month and a half.... Considering the price, I am a little disappointed to say the least.

    Update: Even with being careful for the past 2 days, the band holding the cushion has broken off completely. This part is seperate from the main unit and if the connectors hadn't snapped, it could be clipped back in, therefore, could this be 'replaced'? and if this is a replacable part, are there any plans for a more sturdy version? Maybe with 'fluff' instead of faux leather (that sticks to the heads of folically challenged)?
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  3. I've owned several premium headsets over the year that had major defaults like the Logitech Artemis charge cord melting and sparking during use. I love these headsets, just one flaw, They are heavy and there is only 2 very small plastic pieces on each side of the very comfortable top cushion holding it in place. I'm not exaggerating when I say I only gently put them on my head they still broke within 1-2 months. On the 3rd replacement I bought Epoxy glue and fixed this problem myself. I hope Razer fixes this cause I love the headset so much to say I rebought them to modify it. I mask taped(with oil on the spread area just to cover between the 2 small plastic pieces) and molded the top piece to the headset with a bendable plastic epoxy, let it dry then peeled the tape off. It's a cheap fix and looks great, maybe Razer could do the same thing with releases of this model with your signature green plastic mold.
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  4. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    did you contact razer support??? if not you should, although many people say the support here is bad, I've contacted them before and they were nice and fixed the issue i had.
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  5. Hello,

    I bought the headsets yesterday and connected them to the PS4, however the sound is very low. I tried increasing volume from the settings in the PS4 and the Synapse software, nothing changed. Does anyone have any idea how I can increase the volume of the sound? Even when I try to increase the volume from the headset itself, it seems like they arn't working.
  6. GreenChris90

    GreenChris90 Active Member

    I agree, the tiamat 7.1's would probably sound better, and they look amazing too
  7. Xclusive0311 &
    I have had my Man O War for a similar period of time. Immediately upon receiving it I noted that this part seemed CREAKY and inflexible. Which is not good for plastic. I had 1/4 of the legs break, then 2/4 break, so now I have tape wrapped around the entire bar just so I can continue wearing it comfortably. I have never dropped it, I have always been careful. I would expect better build quality, honestly. For a $240 (Canadian, plus duties) I should not have to put tape on it after owning it for only 2 months. I have contacted support with pictures but I am waiting for a reply. Hopefully this part can just be replaced by ourselves. I knew I couldn't be the only person with this issue. I love all of my Razer products and this is the first time I have experienced difficulties with one.
  8. fastMayaBlueside118

    fastMayaBlueside118 New Member

    I am also currently progressing a ticket to sort this out. I had a very similar 'breaking' experience to you by the sounds of it, though my headband has come out completely. Rather than tape it up, I wear a thin wool hat and wear my headset over the top.... (The hat was mine, it wasn't included in the box =D). I love the headset, it just blows my mind that they make a nice bit of kit and have the piece with the 'branding' on made by Toys-R-us.

    Hopefully due to the prevelence of this (we're really not the only ones), they have a 'solution' in the works as this part could just be replaced.

    Add me up on steam mate, same name, there is only one. I'd like to know how you get on =)
  9. I have received the warranty reply and they are paying for shipping to send my broken set back and receive a new pair. Unfortunately what I find annoying is that I will have to go without a headset/mic for up to two weeks (one to send it, one to receive the new set) as I am in Canada. But I understand that's just how it works. I will try to update again when it is all said and done, though I am reasonably happy with how this has been handled :)
  10. iflipturtles

    iflipturtles New Member

    Thanks! Tried it and no luck. The headphones work great in other applications but Skype for business still has the same issue. Any other ideas?
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  11. shibbityboo

    shibbityboo New Member

    Sorry for the late reply but I tested the Man o War with my XBone and can confirm that it does not work. I had thought that with the increased W10 integration on XBone the console might recognize the headset dongle, but unfortunately it does not. It's a good thing Best Buy has a good return policy.
  12. MACNA

    MACNA Member

    I've waited so long for a ps4 product......... Mine -_-
  13. Duke_Fleed_82

    Duke_Fleed_82 New Member

    Stunning! I was waiting for such an headset from Razer, I need that too!
  14. crome60

    crome60 New Member

    I've had an extremely similar problem, with both plastic pieces on one side of my Overwatch Man O' War breaking off. Fortunately, I've been able to reattach them with a bit of super glue. Its only a temporary fix though. I intend on processing a ticket soon.
  15. BigMac8390

    BigMac8390 New Member

    For anyone that has it....How is it?
  16. this HS compatible only PS4 or all (pc,xbox,etc)
  17. I just bought these headphones.
    They are really nice.
    Only pitfall that is already annoying to me is that You Must use either speakers. Or Headphones. Would really love to see a fix where headphones and speakers can both work at same time.
    Other than That, They are indeed very nice.
  18. Sharkyzane231

    Sharkyzane231 New Member

    I own these headphones and I am very impressed
    Here are the pro's and cons:
    EXTREMELY comfortable
    Extremely long wireless range (I can walk out of my house and cross the road and it the sound starts to stop, around 14m)
    Awesome surround sound
    Very light to hold
    Sits nicely around your shoulder
    USB Dongle hides away nicely
    Looks expensive (cuz it is)
    Flexible mic
    Controls are easy to reach
    Plug 'n play (kind of, took me 1 minute to set everything up)
    Awesome sound quality
    Long battery life
    Works with a Mac :D

    Kinda creaky sometimes, after about 10 minutes of wearing it, the creaking goes away
    The mic sometimes slips out a little bit (Not that annoying)
    No charging stand, need to plug it in
    Slightly flimsy
    Kind of overpriced (I got it on a sale though, I wasn't gonna pay $350 for it)

    Overall I'd give it a 86/100
    I would highly recommend it for anyone but wait for a sale though, don't buy it full price because it's not worth full price
    And I don't know if it works with PS4 or Xbox, I'm a Mac/PC gamer
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  19. reaper1707

    reaper1707 New Member

    is it worth buying my razer kraken broke
  20. fastMayaBlueside118

    fastMayaBlueside118 New Member

    I'm totally gutted. I was bought my Man O' War headset by a relative as an early birthday present. They got it from ebay, it's 100% genuine, no dodgy knockoff but Razer won't replace it because it wasn't bought from either Amazon or the Razer store.... In the past 3 years, I've bought the full Chroma set (keyboard, kraken 7.1 + mouse) at nearly £300, a sabertooth controller at around £70, then I had to get a new headset (£150) because my krakens broke outside of the year warrenty. Within a month and a half, the Man O' War headband brakes and now Razer says they won't replace it.... The seller can't replace it, it's no longer 'unused' so I can't send it back...

    I will not be buying Razer anything ever again, I feel I've been totally ripped off....
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