Razer Phone Android 8.1 Speaker problem

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by headCelestecentral467, May 16, 2018.

  1. Hey,

    so I updated my phone to 8.1 and the speakers got a lot quieter. Also headphones don't get quite the same volume as before. I don't know if it has something to do with the update or maybe a dolby atmos update but do you guys have the same problem?
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  2. Cross_SinZ

    Cross_SinZ New Member

    I thought I'm the only one with this feel but since you've said so, it's true. Especially the Dolby "Music" setting is much softer unlike previous. Suggest to set it at "Movie" option as it's still nice as previous.
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  3. Okay good to know hehe. I'll try the movie option thank you.
  4. xRuhRohx

    xRuhRohx Member

    Agreed, I found my speakers have gotten drastically quieter.
    I played with a Razer phone at a Microsoft store around Christmas time so there were a ton of people in there and it was very loud. I opened up hearthstone and with the volume 3/4 up, I could hear everything clear as day.

    When I got mine it was also very loud. But got quieter after the update.
    So quiet that on full volume I couldn't even hear it over the medium level music in a bar/grill.
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  5. Update:
    On full volume the sound also gets kinda grindy. That wasn't the case before the update. The sound was always clear at any volume level.
  6. Casperuk

    Casperuk New Member

    i thought it was me going mad, mine has been lowered too
  7. I even contacted the razer support but they couldn't help...
  8. xRuhRohx

    xRuhRohx Member

    Yeah they won't be able to help.
    Everyone needs to contact them or submit a report from their phone.
    If everyone comes to them with the issue, they will get it fixed.

    Ok so I spoke with support just now and I was hoping to get like a global ticket put in that we could all add our names to since this is clearly software related. This is what they told me.

    "Actually there will be another software release which will fix any bug issue but as of the moment we don't have any update to when it will be release."

    It sucks we don't know when, but at least we know.

    I haven't had a chance to test audio yet, but my visual voicemail is working again.
    There was a notification on my phone when I woke up this morning for an OS update.
    Check for updates everyone. Hopefully it does fix the audio.

    -Portrait Mode
    -Updated Privacy Policy
    -May Security Update
    -Bug fixes and performance improvements

    Ok so my audio did not change.
    But now there is this "Smart Device Link" when I connect to Bluetooth.
    This now kills my connection to my car stereo.
    I cannot figure out how to disable.
    It shows up for Accuweather when connected via bluetooth.
    I think I am going to remove the Accuweather app from my fitbit and see if that changes anything.
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  9. LilCryMusic

    LilCryMusic New Member

    From what I've noticed the new update actually has reset all the audio levels in Dolby Atmos, I went in manually and moved them about to a reasonable level, this is the same across the whole board from cinema right through to custom
  10. Eeyunsoto

    Eeyunsoto New Member

    For me the update actually caused audio to crackle. Anyone else?
  11. Richie1905

    Richie1905 New Member

    I'm having issues with video recording. Whenever I record a video the audio is corrupted. Sounds like it's underwater. I'm recording at 1080p with standard settings. Any ideas?
  12. Yapchagi_Razer81

    Yapchagi_Razer81 New Member

    this problem here made me don't wanna get Razer Phone 2.
  13. ravila

    ravila New Member

    The loud audio at launch was a big selling point for me. Now my wife's iPhone is much louder than the Razer phone. Please fix this issue, Razer
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