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Razer Phone Random Freeze

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by loadrushViolet899, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. loadrushViolet899

    loadrushViolet899 New Member

    My Razer phone Freeze 3 Times a Day or more. I Recovery It again but i get the same without other Apps.
    I Test google Louncher but it freezed again. I dont know what i can do.
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  2. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Take a bug report and upload it to wherever and post it here via a link and @TheCrazyLex will hopefully take a look at it.

    If you don't know how to take a bug report go into the developer settings (go into about phone and tap the build number until it says you are now a developer and the menu will appear) there should be an option to add a bug report capture button to the power menu. once the freeze happens and your phone reboots hit the capture bug report button and upload that zip file and post a link to it here.
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  3. TheCrazyLex

    TheCrazyLex New Member

    Yes, I would be happy to take a look
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  4. loadrushViolet899

    loadrushViolet899 New Member

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  5. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    yep that seems to have the logs there @TheCrazyLex would know much better than me though in regards to it (when it comes to development I know vert little)

    Thanks for the upload hopefully something can be sorted.
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  6. TheCrazyLex

    TheCrazyLex New Member

    Thanks, two more things:
    You mentioned that you can somehow recover from the freeze. Can you specify which steps you
    are taking to recover from such freezes?

    Also, were these freezes happening before the latest update too?


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  7. loadrushViolet899

    loadrushViolet899 New Member

    Ich use Power + Vol+ Then it reboot . Before Update i geht it too . I have dass it freeze 1 time anderen dass it freeze 10 Times :slightly_sad: i Love this Phone . Nur dont know What i can do

    So I think the fingerprint sensor make this Problem. I make now factory reset and now i dont use the sensor. In Last 3 Hours no Problem i test it now today and give you feedback here
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  8. ElectricSun

    ElectricSun New Member

    I am having a similar problem with random freezes.

    After discussing it with the developers at my office, they suspect that my particular freezing problem is occurrng when my phone is attempting to access the SD card I currently have mounted.

    Good luck!
  9. TheCrazyLex

    TheCrazyLex New Member

    Interesting idea. To verify that it would be cool if you could take out the sd card and see if the freezes persist.
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  10. ElectricSun

    ElectricSun New Member

    I factory reset and replaced the SD card with a new Class 10 U3 64gb and have not had any freezing problems since.
  11. loadrushViolet899

    loadrushViolet899 New Member

    I Test now without configure the Fingerprintsensor. 3 Days and I Have no Freeze its work now very nice. And I dont replace the SD Card. I Think if I have time this week i configure the sensor and test it.
  12. TheCrazyLex

    TheCrazyLex New Member

    Thanks, please keep us updated.
  13. Hello !

    I've got same problem, 1 freeze per day since one week.
    I have no SD card, freeze are random, when i play on a game, when i open my phone with sensor or other...

    Is this bug officially report to Razer ? or how i can do this ?
    Hope a fix soon !
    Thks !
  14. Dicky885200

    Dicky885200 New Member

    I have a similar problem since yesterday. I don't use SD card. It would freeze some time no matter how many time you press the power button, the phone will be black screen like a brick. It will randomly come back again, but it can only last a couple minutes then freeze again.

    When I connect it to the PC. PC can recognize the phone. I don't know it's the screen's problem or system's problem
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  15. I have noticed that my phone is freezing when I choose to restart instead of power off. Which by the way, I've been doing when there's no audio except for voice calls. So do I get this bug report next time it freezes?
  16. loadrushViolet899

    loadrushViolet899 New Member

    So Im Back.
    I configure my Fingerprintsensor 1 Week and i have no Freeze :-(. Ok is good for me but i dont found the Problem.
  17. Dicky885200

    Dicky885200 New Member

    After test, my problem is ridiculously related to Candy Crash.:eek_:
  18. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    I haven't had any freezes I did have one episode where the phone like shut off and couldnt get it to turn back on. plugged the charger in and nothing came up just black screen. finally after a few min of fiddling it finaly came back on.
  19. watchmefail

    watchmefail New Member

    My problem is associated with the Netflix app. Once I begin watching something for the first time that day my phone will freeze then reboot on it's own. When it's back on I clear all my open apps then launch Netflix again with no issue.

    I can send a bug report if needed.

  20. TheCrazyLex

    TheCrazyLex New Member

    Yeah please send a bug report taken after the reboot, I can take a look.
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