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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    I finally came to a conclusion for myself one hour before the sale.
    This conclusion shall in no way influence anyone else's decision.
    Due to the fact that I´m in between the two sizes and I would really like it in color i was hesitating to get it. Now after knowing the faults with the plastic and the fact that I´m not known for going easy with my equipment, I will not participate in this wave.

    It just feels wrong to me to have a Razer product that´s not exceeding in quality compared to the competition. Therefore I´m waiting for the improved version and really appreciate that Razer used the wave system - This way they can now improve the faults and have a manageable amount of faulty devices compared to a worldwide launch.

    But if you are one of those people that wanna be amongst the very few people that have a Nabu in 2014, then go ahead and be a true hardcore fan; blindly buying... (sarcasm)

    Once again, I don´t wanna influence anyone with this post - if you read this you clicked on the Spoiler on purpose -> your fault :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  2. enektpoh

    enektpoh New Member

    Very disappointing. I guess I will just have to wait for a improved version as well.
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  3. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    I just did something my past self would have killed me for...
    Went on the store page clicked on the Nabu, selected it, went to checkout, selected the shipping option and then... closed the window after completing this practice round of clicking through the store for future waves HAHA

    PS: It´s already sold out now.
  4. gat0rfan78

    gat0rfan78 New Member

    I did the same thing...
  5. rrb82211

    rrb82211 New Member

    This just isn't right! I signed up for the first wave...and it was sold out because the store kept freezing and stopping. I preregistered for the second wave, got the email and before it opened, I was ready. Again, the store froze and wouldn't load...all I got (again) was half a page loaded. I understand that they sell off fast...but make it fair by having a store that actually works! I am so pissed at Razer right now. I done all that I was suppose to do...why doesn't it work on your end?
  6. NitramVonagard

    NitramVonagard Active Member

    It wouldn't have mattered... The Add to Cart button didn't show up until 6:04, units were sold out prior to 6:06. Even though I was disheartened by the build quality, I had talked myself into giving wave 2 a try. And now I'm officially over it. Yes, it would be nice to have one of those, but it isn't worth the time and effort of acquiring one at this point. Maybe down the line... someday... Maybe. A big MAYBE.
  7. Well, that thread that was merged here wasn't a support thread. But I guess they needed it out of the way.
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  8. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    We have teams working on the issues stated on your thread, and as such are treating it as a support issue. Do let us know if our team has yet to contact you about this. Thanks.
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  9. I completely understand that there are teams working on it, and in fact I've received my RMA information in order to send my unit back.

    But the primary point of the thread was not to ask for technical support, it was to let other Insiders know what could happen should they order one. It's a lot bigger than just my issue and it smacks a bit of sweeping it under the rug.
  10. I made round two for the nabu and am very excited. I have a fuelband currently and wear it everday outside of charging and shower. It still looks like the day I purchased it almost and year ago. It is very rugged. It seems like this may not be the case with the nabu. This information did not change my thoughts about purchasing but I am hoping it holds up for me better than some have reported. Time will tell I suppose.
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Yes, there are people who are not having these issues, such as myself. I have two small "dents" in the rubber-like material on the outer edge of mine, but that's because I was putting a fair amount of pressure on it for extended time while it rested on the edge of my laptop. Quite honestly, the edge of my laptop has put similar marks in a LOT of things if there's any pressure, including my own wrist.

    However, my screen is still just as perfect as the day I got it and the rest of the band is also perfect.

    It's not like I'm not living life either. My daughter just got her first house this week and I've spent the past week packing, moving, cleaning... everything. Also, I only take mine off for the 10-15mins it takes for me to shower. So I have it on for everything else all day, every day and while sleeping. I wore it to the family picnic day for my son's USMC event as well. I've been wearing it this way since December 6th, so it's been a full 10 days.

    I feel bad for the people who are having issues, but the problems are most definitely NOT affecting everyone.
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  12. Adrestia716

    Adrestia716 Member

    Good news to hear!
    UPDATE: Here's the Good News, Good Feels Thread https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/nabu-durability-positive-experiences.1244/

    Kaj has pics of her Nabu there!
    Please post pics if you can. The visual evidence against is so damning that without visual counter evidence its hard to form a balanced opinion.

    When people have complaints they're more willing to share evidence and detail. That's powerful. If y'all, southern royal "all y'all", aren't having any problems or are very happy with the Nabu, please share photos of your devices. It'll help others make informed buying decisions and assist in the reputation of a company, presumably, loved by all here.
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