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So... What's next?

Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by Arathatron, Oct 2, 2018.

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  1. Arathatron

    Arathatron New Member

    Well, that.
    The last thing we saw, talking about big things, was the introduction of Grimstroke, later the balance for that hero and some twicks to other; the closer thing there is in the act. log is about the Post-Game Scoreboard and the Alt-clicking behavior, but such thing don't realy affect the gameplay in a game-changing way.
    We also know Valve is preparing to launch the new hero Mars; and with him, the next BIG upgrade. But in the meantime they surely will launch some "extensive" balance patch, maybe editing on even adding things to the game. (sure they will add things with Mars btw)

    So... The real questions I make is: What do you thing Valve will change, add, or delete in the next months till Mars is out? And what heroes are able of being nerfed or buffed according to your criteria?

    Also... Valve, stop nerfing my poor beautifull fire bird </3
  2. pearlsparrow

    pearlsparrow New Member

    They must delete asap MEEPO!!! For gods sake!!!THis think is overpowered !!! I want to see a new carry hero btw.
  3. elixircualquera

    elixircualquera New Member

    meepo is ove powered, but if you hit him 1st, he cant run using 4 meepos. :)
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