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[Solved] Razer Blade 2016 (1060) with 144 hz monitor

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Gahu, Apr 4, 2017.

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  1. Gahurissant

    Gahurissant Member

    Hi guys,

    I saw a pretty sweet deal on a AOC g2460pf monitor with 144 hz refresh rate. And I basically bought it without checking how I could connect it to my Blade 2016 (1060) while taking advantage of the 144 hz refresh rate.

    The monitor has a VGA (I hardly think that this one will help) a DVI, an HDMI and a Displayport connector.

    Somebody has any idea how I can achieve this?
    Can it be done through the thunderbolt port?

    Thanks in advance
  2. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    TB3 to Displayport cable or adaptor. Mine cost $35. It should range between $35-59 depending what you get.

    Make sure you get one that says its capable of 4k60hz (some only say up to 4k30hz)
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  3. Gahurissant

    Gahurissant Member

    Thanks I'll try that, I saw on a few thread people claiming the TB3 was not connected to the 1060 so I got worried =)
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