The Hardest Games to Run on PC

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Antosa, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. Gizmo508

    Gizmo508 New Member

    Dragon Age: Inquisition its so buggy but not bad as the new Assassis Creed

  2. ahsbyalx

    ahsbyalx Member

    Yep For 2033 and Last Light.
  3. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    The thing with secret world is unlike say Far cry or metro where the environment changes as a scripted event or an area event. Secret world changes its music, environment, environmental effects and lighting sometimes on a monster to monster basis. It is also phased and battle based. So you can run across a monster that once you engage the lighting and environment change. It really adds to the immersiveness but is murder on event beast systems. There also may be some poor coding on the dev's fault as there was a LOT of issues with the game early on.
  4. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    A game become hard to run due to any of these factors:
    1: Game is really intensive with extreme graphics and AI
    2: Poorly optimized due to bad porting or bug

    Assassin's creed falls in category 2
    Metro, Crysis3, Mass Effect they all fall in category 1
    Crysis 1 falls in 2
    GTA falls in 2 as well.
    Some games are just CPU intensive like Mass Effect but some are GPU intensive, like Metro.
    Mostly those games that feature in GPU/CPU reviews are pretty hard to run, a reason why they are featured to create a benchmark.
  5. FlaminArrowz

    FlaminArrowz New Member

    Minecraft for sure
  6. AldonSum

    AldonSum New Member

    AC unity
  7. Phantom410

    Phantom410 New Member

    The witcher 2 with ubersampling enabled requieres a hell of a lot of processing power, you also have metro series.

    Also any game with PhysX if you want to enable it with an AMD card you will need a beast of a cpu lol
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  8. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    This is because AMD GPUs don't really support PhysX, or PhysX doesn't support them, so they have to muscle through it.
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  9. NineTailFx

    NineTailFx Member

    I haven't so much tested personally what has been giving my PC a hard time, but from what I understand Far Cry 4 will indeed give your PC a run for its money, or at least strain it if your not careful. Really one of the more intense games to play. Before Crysis always used to be the stand by for bench-marking. In some degree, Crysis still sort of is (Crysis 3 I suppose). Putting the settings on MAX can still give mid grade PC a hard time as well.
  10. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    That is a technology dependent load. I do agree with Metro but Witcher 2 was extreme at the time of release but now it is not that heavy with new hardware. Metro(GPU), Mass Effect(CPU), Skyrim(CPU & GPU) are all still heavy. BTW welcome to the forum :)
  11. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Crysis 1 had a poorly optimized engine, a reason why it is still very heavy but Crysis 3 is heavy because it is really that intensive.
  12. depr9890

    depr9890 New Member

    Assassins Creed Unity it seems.
  13. iZpawn

    iZpawn Active Member

    Because Ubisoft loves console and hates PC.
  14. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    Is this actually true? Because they did just release a patch on PC that makes FC4 easier to run.
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  15. ahsbyalx

    ahsbyalx Member

    I used to play Minecraft a lot. But with its progression of updates and my new hardware its never really run as well as it did.
  16. ValinBralor

    ValinBralor New Member

    I'd have to say metro last light cranked up to full. Really you just have to look at games and see where the bottlenecking is happening. In recent games its with the vram requiring 4 gigs of it to play on high settings, so unless you have the newest cards you can't max (Shadows of Mordor). Then you have to look at the gpu support. Is the game better made for amd graphics or nvidia? What resolution are you using, a 1440p monitor, 4k? People here saying they get xx fps with card x doesn't help when we know nothing of the rest of their system.
  17. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    I think you are referring to my short note about Far Cry 4 and the recent update that made it run way better. If you click on the spoiler there, you would have seen that I attached all you need to know about my "system" - was just my laptop ;)
  18. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    The CPU doesn't do much of the pulling anymore when it comes to gaming. Almost the entire load is on the back of the GPU. You can have a dual core, and be running fine as long as the micro-architecture of the chip is compatible with your GPU. If not, you'll get throttling power under load. And quite honestly, a 3gb card (i.e. R9 280x?) will play just about any game you want it to, on just about any settings you want it to. The size of the card matters a lot less than the clock speed, cooling and architecture of the GPU. If I recall, the 2014 Blade even pushes Metro Last Light ultra on 1080p at over 60 fps. And, honestly. If you have a card powerful enough to push a game to 60, you might as well cap your fps at 30 to minimize the load on your card. You can't tell a difference if your frame rate doesn't fluctuate regardless. You can tell a big difference when you dip from 60 to 40, but running 30 all the way across the board is smooth as silk.
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  19. Razer|Captain_xf_rzr

    Razer|Captain_xf_rzr Active Member Staff Member

    100 times this. I still can't play with a very high framerate even since I've upped to a GTX 770. It's only going to get better with Witcher 3. ooooooohhhh the shiny graphics.

    (Not to say that the Witcher series is bad. It actually scales really well, and looks/plays nice even at low settings. 10/10 would recommend)
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  20. 9987632

    9987632 New Member

    New AC
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