The new Razer Blade - Powerful. Portable. Perfect.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    Seeing as the Razer site is still on shipping oct 25th... I almost wanna just switch my order to Razer at this point. Need to make up my mind soon though.
  2. MeruneRazor

    MeruneRazor New Member

    Yay More Awesome stuff
  3. PrideHeart

    PrideHeart Member

    You probably should if Amazon is starting to cancel some people's orders. Not even sure if they'll be on Amazon on the 25th. I'm going to hold out to see since I won't be back in the States till the 31st anyways.
  4. easyxShampoo135

    easyxShampoo135 New Member

    Will Amazon restock this?
  5. Just FYI.. the 512GB Blade 1060 is in stock and shipping now on razers website..
  6. Steamfizz92

    Steamfizz92 New Member

    Wow! This looks amazing! Is there a possibility of making a deal with it? :D Such as a Razer chroma for free or at discounted price with the New Razer Blade? :D
  7. skel2raw

    skel2raw Member

    Wish they would ship the FullHD 256GB version now!
  8. mccl5502

    mccl5502 New Member

    Well, the razer site still says preorder for me, but cancelled with Amazon anyways. Still no explanation or fix for missing product page.
  9. XarockX

    XarockX Member

    Anyone know if any of the USB ports are able to charge an iPad or other devices that require the higher power output for charging?
  10. MelonheadCITRINE352

    MelonheadCITRINE352 New Member

    Yea, I don't know. I ordered the 512gb version on the 8th and it showed as backordered. I even got an email saying "sorry your item is backordered." So, I went on the site the next day to check the status, but it doesn't show it as backordered anymore. Even placing it in the cart, it says "in stock" now. I emailed Razer to ask what was going on, but I get the same response every reply saying that my order still shows backordered. It doesn't make sense. I even posted a picture showing them it says it's in stock. They replied and said that the site hasn't updated yet and that it still isn't shipping until the 25th. It's been 2 days and it still shows on the site that it's in stock, so it looks like anyone who orders now will get it shipped out now, yet I have to wait until the 25th.

    Also, my credit card had been billed 2 days ago, but it says that cards will only be billed when the item is ready to ship.

    Either they don't know what's going on or I got screwed for not waiting an extra day to order. Someone who orders today should not have it shipped before someone who ordered days prior, I wouldn't think.

    This has been kinda frustrating. Just looking forward to this awesome laptop!
  11. Steamfizz92

    Steamfizz92 New Member

    This really looks like an amazing laptop. I might be buying it in the near future!
  12. Have you guys seen how Razer is shutting down any threads on this site where people are asking questions about issues with the new blade?

    I have been desperately waiting for a new blade with the 1060, but I really want to buy it when it is available at the Microsoft store. I just think it is funny that every thread that mentions battery or other issues gets shut down because the Insider isn't a support site. I don't think there is another specific community forum where people can ask about other people's experiences and issues.

    I especially think they shouldn't lock the threads because when there is any issue with a product, the goto answer is that you have to return the product. Razer doesn't comment on people's questions on these threads, so we only have each other to ask questions when there is a issue, but apparently that isn't cool with Razer.

    I guess I am sensitive to it because I really want a great Razer product, but I had to return my 2016 970m model because of screen issue and the another one because of an HDMI Port issue. Anyway, enough with the ranting, I hope that there are a lot of people out there that are getting their new Razer and are really satisfied with it. There really isn't another machine of the same form factor with these specs.
  13. Also, I am really hoping that inventory is starting to flow because the past 2 days has shown the QHD 512 gb version is in stock. I only hope that Microsoft gets some. You really can't beat their student discount and $99 protection plan.
  14. Completely agree with you thats its trash "this is not a support forum." When others users have similar issues why not let them help each other out and maybe find a solution, instead they would rather lock it and tell you to contact support, then more than likely you will end up RMAing your product because they can't help you.
  15. skel2raw

    skel2raw Member

    I hope too that Microsoft gets it in stock asap as well, especially the 256GB FullHD version. One reason being their student discount and the other because of the express shipping option.
  16. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    I called MS store near me last night and they had zero information for me. Had no idea when new units were coming in and said if it's a new product it will generally take them a while before getting them in.
  17. skel2raw

    skel2raw Member

    The sales people probably won't know anything about upcoming stocks. I contacted them regarding the 2016 v1 blade as well and they had no idea. One day later it was available on the Microsoft online store.
  18. Selik

    Selik New Member

    Hi guys.

    Could anybody here confirm that it's impossible to charge newest Blade (both 960 and 1060) via Thunderbolt?

    Thanks a lot.
  19. XarockX

    XarockX Member

    I know the 970m version could not (at least according to the YouTube vids I've seen test it). Im guessing it will be the same for the 1060 version as well. Don't think thunderbolt can put out nearly enough wattage to keep up with the draw that the laptop produces.
  20. MelonheadCITRINE352

    MelonheadCITRINE352 New Member

    I hope that's just the case. When I placed the order on the 8th, it was showing on backorder. I emailed them when I saw it was now in stock to see if mine was shipping soon, but they keep telling me my order shows as backordered. It seems because I ordered when I did where it said backorder, I have to wait, even though it's in stock. That really isn't fair. Anyone who orders now will have theirs shipped out right away.

    P.S. This is all really weird. I received an email from FedEx saying something is being shipped to me. When I checked it it says it's from Razer, coming from Hong Kong. I haven't received any shipping confirmation from Razer though and the money is still on my card. I ordered a sleeve just yesterday, so I thought it might be that, but both orders still say that they're "in processing." It also can't be the sleeve because FedEx shows the package as 4kg. That's 9 pounds.

    Could it have shipped and they just haven't updated their system yet?
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