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The Razer Blade Stealth + Core (7th Generation)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by ata_akca, Apr 4, 2017.

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  1. Dear all,

    I hope all is well for you, and having a great gaming day with lots of levels and kills and random legendary drops.

    I have bought Razer Blade Stealth + Core + Asus 1070 Strix with Asus rog swift 248 monitor. So far so good, I am having a great gaming experience I must say, I wasn't expecting this much from a dual core ultrabook. Well not everything is perfect.. right?

    Well here is my problem with this rig:
    I can connect Core while the laptop is working and it would detect the graphics card and switch to the monitor immediately and runs the Nvidia control panel. BUT strangely when I shut down the laptop when its connected to Core, and I unplug it next day to use it outside, unfortunately the display settings glitch and I assume the laptop still thinks there is a secondary monitor so the built in display is pitch black. To overcome this problem, I have to hold the power button down and then turn on the laptop again. I have had to do this several times and every time I do it I feel like I'm strangling my love to death. Is there a way to make this change smoother? Or do I need to eject the core before shutting down every time?

    Well I guess that is it for now.
    If you have any opinions please feel free to comment. Or if you have any other questions regarding the setup or how it works, I would be glad to answer all.

    All the best
  2. Kong97

    Kong97 New Member

    Sorry this is not the reply that you're looking for

    But can i ask you few question plz?
    Do you usually get bottleneck when connect with 1070? Because im planning to get the Core really soon and im wondering what is the best GPU that i can go with.
    I asked Razer Support, i suggest me to get the 1060 but idk i think it might be not strong enough :/

    Thank you
  3. kuba189

    kuba189 New Member

    I get this same situation. I have just learned to always unplug when powered on.
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  4. Well it's an option. I usually forget it and feel terrible afterwards. There must be another way. I feel like it has already started wearing some mechanics on the laptop, like I feel like it has started this hiccups out of nowhere. But thanks for the idea anyway I'll do so from now on.

    Hey there Kong97, no worries, thanks for the reply anyway.

    Well here is the thing, if you get a 1080 you will probably get bottlenecked by a dual core CPU, but for me here are some performance stats I can give:

    CS GO: usually with medium settings and get around 180-220 fps which is great. Really what I needed.
    Fallout 4: System detects the hardware and sets the options to ULTRA!! and it runs without any problem at all around 60-90 fps (if you try to install mods, thats where it gets A LOT trickier than I thougt, got frustrated and ended up uninstalling the game)

    My advantage with this setup I think (I'm assuming) the asus strix connects well with the rog swift248 and the quality of the gameplay I get is almost like a desktop. Also I really loved the refresh rate of the swift248 can be overclocked to 180Hz which is mad. Last time I had a monitor was at least 10 years ago and the difference was like WOAH for me (dont worry I was just using gaming laptops for all this time). Plus you combine this combo with an awesome gaming keyboard and mouse and you are good to go.

    So all in all I would recommend it. Asus 1070 OC version. I went to Maplin to ask a guy who had some experience in gaming and knew what he was talking about. Basically he convinced me the gap between 1070 and 1080 prices is too much and I would probably get a bottleneck. So I went with 1070 which I am really happy about it.
    I downloaded GPU tweak to monitor some activities on the GPU, here is the thing: usually the GPU works around 80-90% capacity on CSGO, but when I tried Fallout 4, it went up to 98% which gave me the impression that it is using the full capacity.
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  5. Could you give an example of what how fallout 4 would be tricky with mods? The reason I ask is because I want to get a core and the stealth but I am a huge modder and design mods for fallout and Skyrim and would like them to work flawlessly if I am spending the money.
  6. _maged_

    _maged_ New Member


    Going back to the original post and topic, I have the exact same issue with my Blade (not Stealth). When powering down with the Core (with 1080 card) connected then taking my Razer Blade v4 (new better name for the 2016 no longer "new" Blade with 970M graphics), when I power it back up on its own, I get a black screen with no option but to force-shutdown by holding the power button.

    I asked Razer support and they suggested I disconnect everything before powering down, which of course I always forget to do.

    Sometimes in fact I observe the opposite problem as well--when I haven't been using the laptop with the Core for a while, and reconnect the Core, it doesn't even detect it until I reboot with it connected.

    These symptoms seem to indicate to me that this whole TB3 external PCI enclosure setup is not very mature from a Windows and/or drivers standpoint. (not to mention all the issues with KB/mouse/peripheral disconnects on the USB port).

    I also haven't had much luck with sleep while using the Core either--again probably has something to do with the order or speed with which things wake up.


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  7. Well, it is kind of confusing thats why I can't be very specific, as I don't know what to do in case of any problems.

    Here is the thing: I downloaded and installed fallout 4 without any problems. Then I started the modding. Couldn't get them to start at first because of how tricky the NMM is. Then I installed every mod, got them working and here is what I had as a problem. The game itself chooses ultra settings in the first startup. With that settings the fps you get is between 60-80. With the mods my fps dropped down between 45-15. Maybe it also depends on my mods. Then I tried lowering the settings and nothing changed.

    Maybe you will be able to do a good optimization on the game and it would be ready to go, but I honestly couldn't find the energy to do so many changes in my setup and mods and the game itself.

    All the best
  8. After using my Blade stealth (U7500) early 2017 model with the Core + Asus Strix 1080 for a little over a week, i can say that i ALSO have issues with the screen not correctly working after switching between video sources. Normally i use the stealth as a laptop during the day then when i get home, power down, hook up the Core and turn everything on when its hooked up to the TV. I would like to make it a bit more plug and play but i am also VERY happy with this setup and have no issue running Prey at 4K on ultra settings (I don't mind running at 30FPS, its just so pretty!). One issue i have is that if i do not power down before plugging in the core, a few drivers (as well as the Asus OC suite) don't seem to run properly so i think its worth it to wait all of one minute to power back up. The issue for me is when i go to disconnect; even if i safely remove the core USB profile, turn off the system and boot back up, the screen stays off! The only way to get it running properly, and yes i tried the shortcuts, was to power cycle by holding the power button. Since this happened every-single-time, i did some searching and FOUND AN ANSWER!!! All that needed to be done was to update the KILLER WIFI control center off of the killers website. Other people mentioned that you should also set the system to SLEEP when the lid is closed instead of hibernate but just the driver update cured all of these issues for me. I was kinda blown away that my brand new computer was lacking the latest updated drivers and considering all the crap I've herd about Killer's cards, I may end up swapping the 1535 with an Intel 8260. Anywho, please let me know if this helped!!!
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  9. Could you give us some information on your experience with your razer core and how it performs on some of the games you play? And if the stealth hinders your gaming experience at all. Thanks
  10. Sure thing! I'm at work at the moment but please let me know which game in particular you would like to have me run. I almost never post on forums so let me know if I should move over to a new one or something. I'm a huge FPS fan so any FPS you have in mind will likely be in my library. So far I have tried but not really tested:

    Rising Storm 2 (pre release): ran pretty smoothly, I was hoping this would not be as CPU intensive as something like Day Z and was pleasantly surprised. It actually seems to run more like killing floor 2 rather than Day Z, much to my elation. I had no issues playing multiplayer and actually did fairly well considering I suck at massive war games. I was also able to run everything at max setting but there was a minor amount of frame drops in some areas. I think high would be the best but I did not have FRAPS running, nor did I check out the custom settings so i'll have to test some more before I know for sure.

    Prey: By far the best running new release out of the box. I was absolutely floored by how well this game ran without any hiccups or issues. In this day and age where pre releases are common, and a good experience out of the gate seems to be rather rare. I could not believe how well optimized this game is. It really feels like the game has had a year of bug picking before they released it. Considering I can actually see FRAPS running in 1080 and UHD but not in full 4K (since FRAPS doesn’t seem to scale, it’s the size of a damn pixel in the corner!) it still ran around 60FPS in 1080, hovers around 50-55 in UHD and around 40-50 in 4K (I think) but there are times, like during some EVAs and when the Nightmare Tyfen fills the entire screen, that it will drop to a likely 25-35ish fame rates (in 4K). Again, no fraps for 4K.

    Nier Automata* - I had my friend play this while I watched for several hours. I was able to hook up both by Xbox one (wired) and PS4 controller (wirelessly) to much success. The whole Steam big picture mode really adds a nice layer of UI experience on an already great experience. Although it is definitely a tough game, and was being run on a 1080P max screen, (120Hz) it ran very well but noticeably less so then something like Prey. Max settings are fine but I was only running around 40-50FPS and some of the more taxing scenes did have some noticeable stutter. I forget which setting I turned down but I eventually found something that worked while keeping most of the eye candy (graphics in general still make my PS4 obsolete). The game still looks fantastic and runs very well for such a demanding title.

    I will be playing one of my favorite MP games tonight (DEPTH) and will let you know how it runs if you would like. Other then these two games, I haven’t really run anything other than benchmarks and a few rouge-likes like binding, Neurovoider, & Gungeon. I have also added the Witcher in my library to see how it runs on the Core setup but am yet to run it.

    For reference, the setup I was using for these games was my Stealth (early 2017, 512Gb,4K) + Core (Strix GTX 1080 OC’ed) using an EXTERNAL MONITER..(tv) (Sony XBR55X850c) Yes I know, I will eventually get an actual monitor but for the time being, I really like this setup.

    *Neir was run on my older 1080P Samsung.

    Please note that I am by no means crazy about getting max FPS at all time. I am well aware that my $2.5K spent on this setup could have gotten me a top of the line gaming rig with more than 2 cores on tap. This setup was alluring to me cause, well, I’m thirty and my old 2013 alienware 17 was just too much to carry though the airport all the time. That and I wanted to have a pretty nice setup when I get home and I have to say, the core has more than surpassed my expectations. (I may end up selling the Core this summer as i start building a new Rig) Please let me know if anyone has anything they want to see run.


  11. Thanks for all of that information I really appreciate it. I too am pursuing a similar set up. I already have the razer blade stealth and am waiting for the right time to purchase the core. Have you had a chance to run Fallout4, Skyrim SE, and battlefield 1? Also, do you notice how much the blade gets hot during gaming with the core? Also let me know when/if you sell your core, I may be intrested in purchasing it from you. Thanks!
  12. I have not yet but plan to in the next few days. I would likely play Fallout 4 as i have the other two on PS4 and don't really feel like repurchasing them. I am currency waiting for amazon to deliver my new(er) IR thermometer so ill have to wait to give you any solid readings as far at sustained gaming temps go. If i had to make an educated guess based off of the games I've been playing, i would say it stays relatively cool up until you have like 5 videos open with two of them running 4k. Other then during very heavy use, i have been rather shocked at how rare it is to hear the fans spin up. My alienware is literally louder then a vacuum cleaner in comparison. I have to ask, are you planning on using an external monitor? If your planning on using the internal monitor, you will likely run into heat issues regardless. If i do end up selling my Core, you will be the first to know!
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