What is Best Game You Play

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by AymenTheKing, Nov 16, 2021.

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  1. AymenTheKing

    AymenTheKing New Member

    My Best Game is Minecraft And Fortnite
  2. 20092606

    20092606 New Member

    My best Game is Minecraft
  3. Smatpiece19

    Smatpiece19 New Member

    My BEST Game i'v ever played is Ratchet & Clank :big_grin_:
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  4. One of the best games i played recently was Resident evil biohazard ☢
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  5. melvladimir

    melvladimir New Member

    I'm wondering, how can you name the only best game? There are a lot of excellent games, for single-player offline, SP online, and cooperative. A lot of genres. I can name a lot just RPGs, which are much better than watching serials, shows, etc.
    Maybe I can name the most impressive game, but still - there are a lot of them from different periods of life.
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  6. im top 60k out of 6,000,000in roblox be a parkour ninja lol
  7. PocketFULLAMoney218

    PocketFULLAMoney218 New Member

    Overwatch. it's way better than Call of Dooty. you can see enemies more clearly and they aren't hiding in dark corners of a room where you can't even see them
  8. erntTt

    erntTt New Member

    Counter-Strike Global Offensive. A fan of the series from 1.6..
  9. Ekhchidi

    Ekhchidi New Member

    I play Freefire
  10. EthanGaming7640

    EthanGaming7640 New Member

    I'd say Halo Infinite.
  11. SpartanxNation

    SpartanxNation New Member

    The best game I play RN is Halo Infinite.
  12. ShadowWolf32387

    ShadowWolf32387 Active Member

    I have favorites, but I won't say "best" really. Honestly, I find that having a healthy rotation of games is the best thing you can do because then things feel less grindy, you get a lot of different experiences (or exercise different skill sets), and get to experience many worlds.
  13. GoGoGoSushi

    GoGoGoSushi Well-Known Member

    Has got to be Minecraft no questions asked
  14. PM2151H19401884

    PM2151H19401884 New Member

    Minecraft is awesome. Fortnite, not so much. (still decent!)

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  15. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    CS games are great, and yet so many hackers and cheaters
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  16. Cookie run kingdom
  17. wowab

    wowab New Member

    One of the best games I played is Minecraft and the last of us.
  18. mini2109

    mini2109 Member

    Tetris :)

    But honestly ... I don't know.
    During these several years of playing, there were various titles.
    The ones that once seemed brilliant - as I look at them now, they look downright ... pathetic.
    I remember the first Tomb Rider or Resident Evil on PSX - how WOW it was.
    How beautiful it was.
    And now ... square faces, zero physics and no realism ... but those were different times.
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