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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by escarlationffm, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. escarlationffm

    escarlationffm New Member


    I just received my new Razer Blade Stealth one week ago.

    Overall I am really happy and impressed with it.
    The setup process went through without problems and it got all the updates it needed.

    There is just one issue that causes a lot of trouble for me:
    Ever since the computer is in my network it disables the whole wifi connection.
    Not just for itself, but for every other device in the building. I have to unplug the Wifi repeater each time for it to work normally again.

    In the first few days the issue occurred almost constantly while using and setting up the Stealth. I tried downloading Updates and my essential software and it would constantly mess up the whole network.

    The issue happened less now, but still now and then when i use the system.
    To this day i couldn't find any solution through the microsoft problem solution software or other forums. Hence my post here.

    I never had any issues like this before and i had many different devices and systems in the network. From iPhones, Androids to Macbooks and Xbox and Playstation. The Repeater also doesn't tell me anything on the problem. He seems to have accepted the system. Gave it its own IP adress and even recognized the systems name.

    Does anyone have an idea on what might cause this issue. It clearly has to do something with the Blade Stealth.

    Some background Info on my network: I live in a building complex which is part of our company. Thus the original network comes from the companies main internet connection and is diverted through the apartments and houses with a network of repeaters and routers. This never caused any problems and provided a very stable and fast connection with all my previous devices. Does the companies firewell maybe have an issue with the Razer Blade Stealth? It would be weird though since we have many other PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets in the network and they never had issues with the firewall or anything else.

    Iw oudl really appreciate your ideas and your help on this since it is really annoying.
    Mabye someone had the same or similair problem with their system and network.

    Thank you very much in advance for your responses!
    Tell me if you need any extra or more detailed info.
  2. Hola, @escarlationffm! Were you able to try to connect to a different wireless network on a different location and are you getting the same result?
  3. escarlationffm

    escarlationffm New Member

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Sadly i wasn't able to do that so far, since we just have that one network in the house.

    What i did yesterday is to make a newtwork reset in the windows settings. I will observe if the problem will still occur in the future, but i have the feeling it will.

    I was able to find some threads here that stated it might be an issue with the Killer wireless card. Some people seem to have switched out their cards with an intel model. But since the system is brandnew i don't want to open it and change parts, also i expect a new computer with latest hardware and software to be able to do a simple task like wifi network connection.

    I will keep you posted on any new developments and would be happy to hear other views/opinions/advices here.

    Thanks a lot guys :)
  4. Thanks for the update. Yes, we just need to update the drivers of the wireless card on your Blade. Can you send me the Serial Number and Product Number of your Razer Blade Stealth through PM? Let's proceed from there.
  5. KillerSupport

    KillerSupport New Member

    Hello escarlationffm,

    We have seen issues with a few specific routers where they had buggy firmware that would cause them to reset when some newer MU-MIMO adapters connected to them, including the 1435 and 1535. We have a list of those routers here - https://www.killernetworking.com/killersupport/driver-downloads/kb/faq/35-router-issues-with-1535 - along with links of where to find the firmware updates that will resolve the issue.

    These are all older technology, residential-grade routers, though. They are not typically what you would find serving multiple households in a whole-building setting such as what you are describing. However, if you are in contact with whomever administrates this network, and they are using one of those devices, simply updating the firmware either to the latest available from the manufacturer, or to the firmware linked in that article, will resolve the issue.

    If we can be of any further help, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at killersupport@rivetnetworks.com!
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