Windows Fall Creator Update

Discussion in 'Systems' started by nanias, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Ahoi! :)

    You saw it. But the user above my post didn’t.
    I switched my thinking to yours in this topic now.
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    My Razer Serval works just fine in the new update (bluetooth or USB modes) ;) thanks team-razer for the quality driver support!
    Keep it up with your great work!
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    I have last Developer preview windows 10, and all work. Razer driver is best, i have not problem.
    nstead, GeForce drivers occasionally troubled nVidia nVidia...
  4. Ironjer

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    What build and what razer do you have?
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    i have 10 Insider Preview Build 17035, and i have razer blackwidow chroma, razer mamba TE chroma, Razer kraken v2 7.1 chorma.
    And all work and not problem
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    Did you read the thread?

    We are talking about here Razer Blade. The periferics has not problem.
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    sorry i read very quickly and I did not read the razer blade specifically, but I know of a friend of mine that he also has this build mine and has no problem.
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    I tested 7025 has same problem, 7035 was relesed yesterday not tested yet.
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    my friend skipped that version for that problem. with this you are not experiencing anything wrong, try updating
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    Thanks for info. I will try.

    Ok, Insider Build 7035 is working fine in battery power and wake from sleep. I will report back
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    Good to hear, please keep us updated.
  12. My mouse Razer Naga Hex V2 with Synapse 2.0 stop functionning after installing Windows 10 Fall creators update about 5 mn after windows start.
  13. xtremekforever

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    I went ahead and enabled Insider builds on my 13.3" Razer Blade Stealth and updated to build 17035. The issues with the trackpad, keyboard, and touchscreen seem to be resolved in this version.
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    Checking in as a 2016 blade owner experiencing the trackpad issue.
  15. Josethejedi

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    I recently updated Windows 10 to the latest version along with Razer Synapse, and now my trackpad won't work when the laptop is unplugged. I tried uninstalling razer synapse and reinstalling it but the same thing keeps happening.
    The trackpad might work for a couple of seconds but as soon as I start typing or if I wake the laptop, the trackpad stops working. I have to connect the charger for the trackpad to work again.
    Has anyone else had this issue? I tried searching everywhere for a possible fix but nothing has worked so far.
  16. Joikansai

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    It’s worldwide known issues, roll back to 1703 or use Insider build 17035, it seems fix the issue. Or wait a few days, Microsoft will bring update to fix FCU issues to some device that got it on 14th November.
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  17. Hucast

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    I would give Razer Support a try or maybe submit feedback in Synapse. On the recommendation of Razer's CEO I submitted a bug report with the Cortex team and they trouble shot my issue with no problems at all. Good Luck.
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  18. Josethejedi

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  19. Patch is up (KB4048955). Downloading now; will report results!

    Update seems to have worked! Touchpad and keyboard working fine after going to sleep by closing the lid on battery (RB FHD 2017)
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  20. EggLegg

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    I have a blade on my other razer account which I use and there has been some freezing of the track pad and keyboard when it has just booted up and after it wakes up from sleep

    Wait the new patch is out, this will probably fix it
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