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  1. rohella.anshuman

    rohella.anshuman New Member

    I love this game but sadly it is not perfect. Let's start a discussion about the things you like and/or hate about the game and a few suggestions.I'll start.

    Competitive game-play and skill ceiling.
    The Anti-hack system. Probably the worst anti-hack system.
  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    I like the way that CS:GO looks like, compared to CS:S for example. I mean map updates, community workshop, skins etc.
    And I agree, VAC is IMO the worst anti-hack system. But they give players ability to vote/report abusive players, then other (skilled players only) can watch demos through "Overwatch" system, and ban hax0rs, smurfs, griefers etc.
  3. rohella.anshuman

    rohella.anshuman New Member

    Well, the thing is, valve has all these options but it doesn't help at all. Hell, even the prime matchmaking is full of hackers. I've been playing this game for quite a while now and my rank is always between LE-LEM and that is because at LEM, almost every match has a hacker. I still don't know why valve is not looking into this. They keep updating the sounds and keep bringing in new skins and cases but don't really bother to fix the system. They've made millions off of this game. I think CS:GO deserves some attention. It is time valvle knows that CSGO is important as Dota.
  4. Davigugu55

    Davigugu55 New Member

    Saying it doesn't help at all is a complete lie. Besides it's not flawless, it's a good system. Valve hasn't stepped up their anti-cheat because thay don't want to interfere with people's privacy. Which 3rd party ACs do.
  5. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    CSGO I enjoy playing but there is smurfs and wallers which ruins the whole point of the game VAC isn't working as it should I mean seriously FACEIT Anti-cheats works better. But it isn't easy to fix this since Hacks can change coding and bypass VAC. Overall CSGO is a game that needs improvements.
  6. rohella.anshuman

    rohella.anshuman New Member

    Good system ? Really?, I think you should play the game more often. I know it also depends on the region and the popularity of the game but at least in Asia, where it is popular as fuck, 6/10 games have hackers. They introduced prime matchmaking by registering the phone numbers and using an authenticator and yet, the game is filled with hackers. This definitely means that something is seriously wrong.
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  7. Davigugu55

    Davigugu55 New Member

    I've been playing this game since 2012, the game is not filled with hackers. As I said before, in order to valve to implement an active anti-cheat device, they would have to revamp all their privacy contracts. Besides that, they are already developing an upgrade to VAC. Source
  8. rohella.anshuman

    rohella.anshuman New Member

    Dude, Anti-hack system is just an example of one of the many things Valve has been ignoring for quite sometime now. What I'am saying is, the game is not getting back much from the devs as compared to the amount of money they are making. However, I hope they fix it soon. I want this game to survive for another decade at least.
  9. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    I love the game as a whole, but on the other hand, I truly hate all the updates making the game unplayable for me even on lowest settings, I was able to get an average of 50-55FPS in a competitive match, but now when I try to play, I only get around 20-27 FPS .... And then yes, there are those hackers that you find in like half the games you play._.
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  10. Davigugu55

    Davigugu55 New Member

    Indeed, I used to play with a Nvidia GT9500 at 60fps, nowadays it doesn't get 30 most of the times.
  11. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    The struggles are real ... The specs on my laptop that I play CSGO on are listed in my signature, sad life ;c
  12. Here's my list
    • Hacker, they piss me off.
    • Auto snipers, they piss me off.
    • Heavy Machine guns i.e. Negev. They piss me off.
    • When i'm the only english person on my team and they don't speak english ven though they can, then shout becuase they gave you a foreign call-out and you have no idea if the sun is yellow, blue or purple in their world. They piss me off.
    • And the finale. Dust 11, not 2, 11. The ammiunt of hate i have of it is equivalent to how Hades feels about Hercules in that one Disney movie.
    Hope that helps bud. Did for me.
  13. MrGoodname

    MrGoodname Member

    I love the thinking behind CS however I absolutely hate the toxic players and definitely hate hackers like everyone... (I also don't like being in a team full of russians...)
  14. Frostiee1985

    Frostiee1985 New Member

    Very puzzle why would someone use laptop to play CSGO on. Wouldnt it be very tight on your fingers?
  15. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    I play CS:GO on laptop most of the time (PC still in build). The keyboard on 15.6" laptop is a bit smaller than generic dell keyboard, that comes with their every PC.
  16. Frostiee1985

    Frostiee1985 New Member

    Don't you find it very uncomfortable having to cramp your hands in the laptop? I tried using my sibling's laptop to play Dota and it is just soo soo difficult. Or maybe it's just me.
  17. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    My game usually decides itself in the first few minutes. If I get 5 people, I have more than 70% chance of winning. But most of the time people just leave and abandon right after the game started. Now imagine losing 3-4v5 game with score 14-16.
    Game can be better if people don't freakin' ruin somebody's day by joining the game and quit because it's their bed time (since they don't care about penalty).

    And hackers. Man. Prime account what. Walling, trigger, b-hop, smurf. They're getting smarter. The amount of time I met boosters are uncountable. They use one account to Wall and another to kill everyone. Report won't do chit since he's not the one hacking, but the one with less than 5 kills the entire game.

    The Ruskies and toxics can be turned into a normal human being, but you still can't beat those rich bastard.

    If valve could do "SOMETHING", it wouldn't be this terrible. But they just don't care.
  18. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    It's fine for me (or maybe Dell keyboards in Latitude models are so good). But it isn't the same as on my DeathStalker Chroma - which is perfect for long playing (love the wristrest).
  19. Frostiee1985

    Frostiee1985 New Member

    It gets on my nerve as well with those leavers. They should get a more harsher punishment. Leaving halfway after the game starts.. Really irritating man!
  20. Clade99

    Clade99 New Member

    For me CSGO need better VAC system, then the game is perfect. (imo)
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