I managed to squeeze a GTX 1080TI into my Razer Core and use it with my 2017 Razer Blade..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doomeous, Nov 17, 2017.

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  1. Doomeous

    Doomeous New Member

    I am building another mining build here at home and decided I haven't really used the Razer Core yet so I plugged in the MSI GTX 1080 TI DUKE 11G OC that I had just gotten. It's a snug fit but it really cranks out the fps and as for mining bitcoin or whatever else I threw at it, it is bombing along with barely a fan blowing. It was a little quirky getting the core to settle down. I simply just disabled the card and re-enabled it in the end and poof! It set itself up just fine. So both the 1060 inside and the 1080TI were cranking along smooth as glass..

    It's not all roses though. It is a long card so the cover doesn't quite fit on all the way. It doesn't matter to me, it never moves. It's set up and out of the way and very very silent, so no worries to me. In the end, I was going to take the card and move it to my desktop machine for a 3rd card, but I decided to try to use the Razer Core with the 1080 TI in it attached to my large laptop, the Acer Predator 17x with it's own built in 1080gtx and overlocked processor. Yeah, a push of a button and poof! that laptop screems like a little girl watching Jaws! Haha, I plugged in that Razer Core and poof! two 1080s! One GTX 1080 built in and one GTX 1080 TI attached. I fired up some mining and that machine doesn't even spin up fans. It's like it was designed to mine.. I left the core attached to it for the last week and it's purring along with barely a whisper. The Core i7-7820HK in the Predator laptop clocks to 4.3ghz with the Acers gaming software. The built in GTX 1080 clocks up a bunch too. It can't keep pace with the 1080TI but together with the processor, they hash out pretty damn good at very low temps and altogether only using just under 490 watts. I have the whole thing plugged into a meter. I bounced 520 watts once, but settles under that most of the time. For that kind of power, it's cranking along pretty good! Two 1080s and a new gen CPU humming along with only 500 watts? The power brick is just luke warm! Seems mining isn't near as harsh as gaming. When I game some long sessions of EQ2 my battery will slowly run down and the power brick is very warm or hot. Remember, the core works on BOTH machines with that card just fine. It's a little fickle setting it up, but it works. Just thought I'd give any would be upgraders some heads up. Yes! The GTX 1080 TI plugged into a monitor and not routed back to the laptop really does punch out the fps (you don't have to use an external monitor, it just gives better fps by saving bandwith over the Thunderbolt cable. Plus it looks better at high def on a bit 27" screen!). Sorry if I didn't take any screenies, but it does. My desktop is loaded with GTX 1070s, and a smaller box a pair of 1070 TI's, and I'm considering getting another Razer Core for the little Blade again. For gaming it's the bomb, if you're into mining and don't mind the gamble? Why not? If the bubble bursts I can easily sell the video cards later on I figure. Lots of gamers around my area and I could make some killer deals. For now they are making me money, so I'll take the risk.
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  2. joikansai

    joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Can you maybe share the benchmarks scores or your games FPS with your best Razer Core setting?
  3. Doomeous

    Doomeous New Member

    I had only one game installed on the Blade which I travel and use at school, Everquest 2. I loaded up and I was in an area where I normally have 40-70fps depending on what's going on in game. I noticed it was well over 150fps with every single detail maxed out. It was silky smooth. Sorry, other than eq2, I only have the mining setup and now it's attached to the Acer Predator.
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  4. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Can you post your firestrike graphics scores with the 1080Ti on the Blade and on the Predator? Using internal and external monitor, if possible. also post your predator 1080 firestrike graphics score as well for comparison.
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