Is this legit?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by _PcA_, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. _PcA_

    _PcA_ New Member

    Got this today, but wonder why name in field 'send by' is different(
    Whole email looks pretty legit, so wanted to ask just in case. If it is scam, also warn others.

  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    What link is behind the "reset my password" button? Seems to be legit, Razer is only using amazon services for sending e-mails.
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  3. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    I got it as well. I couldn't log in to zVault without it, so I would say it's legit.
    Also, it seems that Razer uses Amazon servers, and this is no exception.
  4. Aprazeth

    Aprazeth New Member

    Yep, same here. Bit bad that they don't have a post on this somewhere on the forum already (unless I missed it, which then also proves that it wasn't properly labelled or shown)
  5. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I got the same email a few weeks ago about changing my password and such and it was legit, and it had the same email address as the one that you got, so otherwise yes, it is good.
  6. Abyssinian

    Abyssinian Member

    Amazonses should be the domain of Amazon Simple Email Service, a legit service...
  7. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I would love if an Official would clear this, just because I'm a real coward on these kind of things :heart:
    Rather Safe than sorry
  8. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    If you're scared / paranoid - just don't click on the e-mail links. Go do Razer-ID and reset your password from their site ;)
  9. gereltod

    gereltod Active Member

    I didn't receive this email. So If I was you. I would do following things.
    1. I'll move my mouse over that "reset password" button and see my browser's status bar. If link is same as Razer's domain, I would click without afraid. Unless my network administrator faked dns with phishing site.
    2. After enter site, I would check SSL certificate (https protocol), then will check every domain letters again, just for make sure :) Also there might be other suspicious things like asking your email, asking your current password etc. Otherwise I wouldn't worry much.
  10. NotThisAgain

    NotThisAgain Member

    It's legit, it came after an update, but it's good to be cautious for sure, no harm in checking it out before clicking.;-)
  11. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    It is but don't click on any links. You'll be able to do it from the website or app next time it logs you out.
  12. _PcA_

    _PcA_ New Member

    Ok. Thanks for info and safety tips everyone. Im new here and Im ussually suspicious about emails. Now will follow Your advices and everything should be sound ;-)
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