Issues I Have Had With My Razer Blade Pro 2017

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by classicIcterinestory176, Nov 19, 2018.

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  1. I made a post in the Systems Forum with an evaluation of this laptop, but these are the highlights of some of the issues I think I should address in the Razer Support Forum. Hopefully, I can get these issues resolved.

    "First off I’ll talk about problems with almost every graphically intensive game I have tried to run on the Blade. When the screen is clocked to a refresh rate of 120Hz, most games like this will crash within thirty minutes along with, possibly, some heavy artifacting. Some notable games I have noticed this issue with is Destiny 2, Overwatch, Skyrim SE, and The Witcher 3, with all others having been played on a 60Hz monitor with no perceived issues. I’ve also had problems with some games not even starting at all, without some tweaking, such as Overwatch or the original Skyrim. One tip I would give anyone on any system is to run their games as an administrator to allow the games to have read and write capabilities. Always experiment with turning off fullscreen optimizations or trying compatibility mode with the onset of any issues as well. There is a possibility that these issues are not Razer’s fault entirely, but it is still good to recognize these issues so they may be tended to in the future.

    [I talk about battery life and thermals and how I tackled those issues.]

    The aforementioned are all the main issues that I have had with the laptop, but there are still a few smaller issues that I will mention now. The Blade does not have high-quality speakers at all, and my left speaker has rattled against the laptop chassis since my purchase of the laptop, despite opening it three times since then. [Other petty issues.]

    Last but not least, I have one last issue with the Blade that I have not been able to resolve. My Blade will not connect to the hotspot from my iPhone remotely but will connect only if I directly plug my iPhone into the laptop. With that, I have covered every issue that I have had during my ownership of the Blade."


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    Hi there! I sent you a PM. Let's continue from there!
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