Just got my hammerhead pro v2 with zSilver

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by NyTr1x, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. NyTr1x

    NyTr1x New Member

    Thank you Razer for taking care of gaming community with goodies while playing #HYPE

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  2. Tr1ckyPlayz

    Tr1ckyPlayz Member

    How much zSilver is that? more than a price of a keyboard i guess :frown_:
  3. NyTr1x

    NyTr1x New Member

    nah mate keyboards are more expensive with zsilver for sure, my hammerheads was 91k zsilvers and for a keyboard u need atleast 130k :)
  4. DestaKhoo

    DestaKhoo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the sharing of your hype! Cheers~ I will soon get mine too~
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  5. beisong

    beisong New Member

    Do you have to pay shipping fee for the redemption?
  6. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    You need to pay shipping on the item you redeem, and depending where you live you might need to pay customs and dutie taxes on the product too.
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  7. NyTr1x

    NyTr1x New Member

    Yea mate i paid for the shipping ofc, it was $10 but with tax fee's $0.85 i paid a total of $10.85 nothing more nothing less :D but its totally worth it (US tax fees idk about other states)
  8. Masito32

    Masito32 New Member

    How long did you wait for shipping?
  9. NyTr1x

    NyTr1x New Member

    3 days not including christmas day cuz obv they dont work at that day :) 4 in total but tbh was rly fast shipping by fedex
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  10. MrOxpar

    MrOxpar Active Member

    sry for asking stuff after 1 week but how long did it take for you to receive it? Like how much time was there between ordering -> sending -> receiving?
  11. kliang87

    kliang87 Member

    You were so lucky claim before they increase all the products price, the keyboard i want to redeem is just gone... now other is like so much high price.... :frown_:
  12. NyTr1x

    NyTr1x New Member

    i know bro feelsbadman :slightly_sad: but i also wanted to redeem a razer ornata chroma keyboard before the price went high now i think ill go for cynosa since its cheap with zsilver so cheer up theres alot of opportunities @zsilver

    hmm tbh i made the points at december @20th and bought the redeem code @21th after the purchase the shipment information sent to FedEx @22th then it was shipped @23th of december and delivered @26th 9:20 am to my home, that said it took 5-6 days and thats pretty fast tho :) #BLEED #GREEN
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