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just wondering am i the only one that keeps checking my order status every 2 hours?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZeroFourBravo, Jan 15, 2015.


Have you been checking your order status?

  1. Yes, multiple times a day....

    36 vote(s)
  2. Nope...

    12 vote(s)
  3. Didn't get anything...

    13 vote(s)
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  1. TwoOneSierra

    TwoOneSierra New Member

    and it shows order in progress....

    R3DEMPTI0N Member

    Sometimes it takes a while, but the real stressful part is when it says "shipped". Then you have to wait for it lol
  3. tchev

    tchev New Member

    FedEx isn't moving fast enough, it's still in the same place every 5 minutes I check.

    R3DEMPTI0N Member

    I prefer UPS. They can always find my shipping address and generally ship much faster than FedEx. I'm not entirely sure why Razer chooses to use FedEx over UPS though.
  5. retrocarAmaranthPink565

    retrocarAmaranthPink565 Active Member

    My CES item got shipped the day after i ordered it and I recieved it the next morning. So overnight shipping (for free). Could not be happier. DHL is rather fast in that regard,
  6. tchev

    tchev New Member

    Yeah I don't know, like myself, I'd much prefer purolator, like 2 days rather than a week, and they just drop it off and they're out, no import fees/making you leave a check or be home for the package, which only FedEx seems to make you do, but oh well! its free can't really complain! lol
  7. TwoOneSierra

    TwoOneSierra New Member

    funny thing was i recieved an email with a tracking number 15mins after i created this thread...

    but all it says is this;

    Created on :14 January 2015, 13:30:13
    Weight :1 kg
    Destination :Singapore
    Status :Order Processing

    Tracking Progress :
    Date / TimeLocation/Supplied viaActivity
    14 January 2015 13:30:13SingaporeNew Order
  8. NortonCdJ

    NortonCdJ Member

    I better start making a thread as well then jk
    Hayjoood likes this.
  9. TwoOneSierra

    TwoOneSierra New Member

    you should course the freaking mouse just deliver 2 mins ago! (just before i left the office!!!


    R3DEMPTI0N likes this.
  10. Hayjoood

    Hayjoood New Member

    wow! thats a pretty nice surprise. tgif!
    ZeroFourBravo likes this.
  11. NortonCdJ

    NortonCdJ Member

    Awesomee :D Surely mine will be next week since I didn't pick the fast delivery its ok though I could wait for it xD I just want it to be shipped lol
  12. NortonCdJ

    NortonCdJ Member

    Btw did they ask for your signature when it arrived or was it just left in the mailbox?
  13. TwoOneSierra

    TwoOneSierra New Member

    yup i sign for it
  14. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    Once i know it's shipped idc when it arrives unless it's an urgent replacement part then i even call the company 3 times a day :D
  15. T0X1Cfish

    T0X1Cfish New Member

    Didn't get anything ;)
  16. NortonCdJ

    NortonCdJ Member

    What if they came and I'm not in the house QWQ
  17. -Cura-

    -Cura- New Member

    Haha, me 2...
  18. RivaL

    RivaL New Member

    I'm waiting for that 1 wave in eu..
  19. NortonCdJ

    NortonCdJ Member

    It has been shipped OAO just need to wait two days xD lol
  20. martin.radosevic000

    martin.radosevic000 New Member

    lol u definetly aren't the only one!
    NortonCdJ likes this.
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