Lack of games for testing in the Razer Store (SM North Edsa)

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  1. Not sure where to post this, but since it concerns the Razer Store in the Philippines, I thought I should post it here.

    I went there 4 days after the launch and found that there weren't that many games installed on the Razer Blades in the store. I thought that game availability is kind of important because you'd want to test the hardware by playing those games before buying them, right? Personally, I wanted to test the Razer Deathadder Chroma with an FPS game, preferably CS:GO/Insurgency. I asked one of the store representatives about it who told me that, unfortunately, those games were not "free". I own those games in Steam, and decided that I will share my Steam library with the store. I went there again yesterday with my external hard drive filled with steam backups of my own games with the intention of using Steam's family sharing feature. The plan was to login to my Steam account on each of the PCs, install the games using Steam's backup/restore feature, log out, ask them to log back in using their account and try to play the games I installed which would then prompt them to ask permission from me, the owner of the games, which I would then grant them by logging back in. This setup is only done once, and I would never have to log in again. I've done this countless times with my sibling's PCs and it works even if our PCs weren't in the same place. The only limiting factor was that if I decide to play while someone is playing the game over there, it won't work. But I think it's better than nothing, and they can always toggle Steam's offline mode so they can still play the games. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my phone with me yesterday, which was completely dumb on my part. I got Steam guard active, so when I tried logging in to Steam on one of the Razer Blades in the store, it asked for an authentication code which got sent into my email. I couldn't retrieve the said code since my Gmail was also protected by 2-factor authentication as well and requires another code which I can only obtain from the Google Authenticator app installed on my phone. I live in Caloocan, and it would probably be a long time again before I come back. Is there anyone living near SM North Edsa who owns some games who could help the store out? Let me know if you're willing. I can teach you how to set it up if you don't know.

    - A Razer fan. :blush:
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    Goodluck lol.
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