Let's talk Bjergsen.

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by DarnStraight, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. DarnStraight

    DarnStraight New Member

    Long it's been considered by casters and most of the NA community that Bjerg has been by far the most constantly good player that never seems to have poor performance and continues to show good gameplay.
    It's also been argued that he goes even with Faker in lane, but loses games due to his team. Now, they have yet to fight SKT for the world's trophy, so there is no concrete argument for whether he is being held back by them specifically or it's a team problem.
    Do you guys think he would do better on a team with better players, or that he's a part of the problem?
    Could he go further in international stages with different players?
  2. Amarriandor

    Amarriandor New Member

    DarnStraight, I believe Bjergsen is a very strong player, his individual skills are impressive! Yet, I cant see him perform better in any other roster, seeing as the team synergy of TSM is very, very good! Maybe a different organisation could be more beneficial for him as a person, but I dont think his individual skills would differ tbh.
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