My opinion on the Standard Wave effect on Blackwidow Chroma

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by sergeitarsaus, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. sergeitarsaus

    sergeitarsaus New Member

    My opinion: The Razer BlackWidow Chroma (Ultimate Stealth) is amazing, with the ability to colorize your keyboard and other cool stuff, thats the reason i have one myself... The only downside is that the Wave effect is kinda ugly, with only 4 colors, since the Razer Mamba has a beautiful rainbow colored Wave.
    But you might be asking: Dude, what is your problem, you can use the Razer Chroma configurator and make your own backlighted masterpiece?
    My answer to that is: Yes, I did that already, but the problems with the Razer Chroma Configurator are:
    • Not everybody can handle it.
    • When you log off your account (Windows in my case), the effect you made will change to the last used "normal" effect applied to the keyboard.
    • The custom designs also kinda glitch with Chroma Mods and Chroma Apps, meaning you will be left with a frozen custom wave effect.
    So my question is: Can we get a better Wave Effect (as a Standard effect) on the BlackWidow Chroma (Ultimate Stealth), so we dont have to use the chroma configurator too much, and maybe, also fix the problem with custom Chroma effects and Chroma Mods/Apps.

    - A big Razer fan from the Netherlands
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