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Need some feedback on Utility bag

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Cyncle, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    I have Lenovo T440 for work and need to carry it everyday. I also need to carry a lot of food with me because i like to eat all the time. I had other Labtop backpack before and i can't fit my lunch in the bag.

    I usually bring a container around 6"x5" and sandwich container, some snacks, a coffee mug, iphone charger, headphones and keys.

    Will you guys recommend? I tried to check out youtube videos but is hard to tell if that works for me.
  2. Malevolence23

    Malevolence23 Active Member

    I own the Utility bag and I use it on campus to carry a Blade Pro, 17" laptop, and about two textbooks and a binder. It should be big enough for what you are wanting but you might also want to look into the Mercenary bag. You're laptop is a 14" and that bag is designed for that size where is the Utility and Tactical are designed for 17" laptops. Not saying there is anything wrong with using a 17" bag for a 14" laptop but think you might appreciate the lack of unused space.
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