New Razer Blade 2016: Is it lag or is it just in my mind?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Acecateer, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. [Not really a support request]
    I already know I got a defective model due to there being a small group of pixels that are completely dead in the bottom right of the screen. But due to that it makes me feel like it has other issues with it due to the mind set that if one thing is defective there's bound to be more things. Before I go into my problems please don't be discouraged to buy the blade, mostly you will not have a problem with buying a blade, I just so happened to get very unlucky and receive a defective model. So like I was saying, ontop of the dead pixels the laptop seems to have difficulty playing games in a sense. In overwatch for example, the game on vsync has terrible input lag with the mouse and I'm using a razer mamba tournament edition with it's drivers updated fully and all my other drivers as well including nvidia drivers. I can instantly tell the difference once I turn off vsync as vsync makes the mouse feel overwhelmingly sluggish as it's super delayed even with the trackpad. I know this shouldn't happen because I have a friend who has a laptop with a 960m and never has this problem. And on top of that my blade freezes during games whenever I change settings of any kind for most games (except overwatch) until I press Ctrl + alt + delete and go back in the game. And for some reason the screen has a very weird diagonal screen-tear with vsync on. Which makes no sense as vsync should completely take care of screen tearing and the tear is very noticeable and as far as I know the screen doesn't usually tear diagonally... If anyone else is having this problems (and might know how to fix it?) or don't have the problems please let me know. I'm currently requesting an RMA for at least the dead pixels because they're dead pixels but I'd like to know if everyone else's blade has these problems so I can feel good about the next blade I get knowing that it (hopefully) won't be defective like my current one. I don't feel the need to go to Razer Support with this due to the fact that I'm RMA'ing anyways; I just want to see if any of you guys with a blade have the same problems or what you're experience is like in gaming. Thanks and again, for anyone who is interested in getting a blade, don't let this discourage you; defections simply just happen.
  2. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Just a bad unit i guess. Shouldn't give you freezes or lags. If my laptop on old specs can run overwatch why not the blade. Mass produced items sure to have some bad units. Had a dead key on my bw chroma. RMAed and current one works perfect all the way.
  3. It feels unusually sluggish and hangs on things it shouldn't like windows file explorer. xD I just hate having to go through the RMA process. I have to probably send it back (never RMA'd before but I assume that I will) and then wait for it to arrive all over again and who knows how long that'll take seeing as it's in pretty high demand... :/ But at least the next one will be good as I doubt they'd let a RMA replacement be defective.
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  4. You already have reason to RMA it due to the group of dead pixels. The performance issues which I see none of even on my 2014 model is enough of a 2nd reason.

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  5. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Forget all that other nonsense. A cluster of dead pixels = automatic replacement. If you're in a country where returns are easy I would highly recommend contacting Razer Support to start the process.
  6. hejjegersej

    hejjegersej New Member

    i dont think that its lag but its a 20% chance that it is i would say
  7. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    If it doesn't perform to its price tag, then it should be RMA-ed.
  8. Umbersolocounty491

    Umbersolocounty491 New Member

    re: diagonal screen tearing, have a look at this:

    do you notice it on an external monitor? have you tried both HDMI out and the USB-3 (with an adapter)?

    can you check to see how the physical ports are wired? (using the physX tab in the NVIDIA control panel)

    Im trying to decide to go with a blade or not totally based on this issue - seems like it could be poor optimus implementation….
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