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OSVR vs Oculus Rift?

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by Cowterpie, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. Cowterpie

    Cowterpie New Member

    Overall which one looks better to you guys?
  2. even if OSVR ends up with the better hardware between the 2, its substantially slanted towards oculus... Oculus has standardised the software and delivery systems and built many relations in the industry, so it can be expected to support the most great games and other software. OSVR seems more like it will be relegated to the developers and niche crowds
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  3. theblankness

    theblankness New Member

    Well OSVR's strength is that Razer's Hacker Dev Kit is only the start. Since everything is open source, it is easy for others to improve.
  4. rhbourbonnais

    rhbourbonnais New Member

    OSVR because of the Open Source - Nice to be able to print parts on the 3D printer. :)
  5. Telos

    Telos New Member

    It'll be hard to overtake the Oculus with it's head-start, but if the coding community gets on board, it shouldn't be impossible.
  6. retrocarAmaranthPink565

    retrocarAmaranthPink565 Active Member

    I don't know. I think one could print parts for the Oculus as well, it ust wont be under warranty when opened.

    Besides I need to know more about the OSRV before I make that decision haha, currently leaning towards Oculus Rift. Tough I do love that more and more companies are bringing out competition for Virtual Reality :) Hopefully it will speed up the development of VR
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  7. kikahmonib

    kikahmonib New Member

    i think currently oculus is better with all its offerings and relationships. but with osvr price and being open source, it has huge potential.
  8. Drewsworth

    Drewsworth New Member

    OSVR will eventually surpass due to its open-source.
  9. Polarbear12344

    Polarbear12344 New Member

    i cant wait to see what the osvr has in store for us
  10. fenabuco

    fenabuco New Member

    I prefer the OSVR! First by design, more beautiful. According to the case of sickness , which was widely quoted in the Oculus and not heard complaints in OSVR !!!
  11. smokingace808

    smokingace808 New Member

    OSVR is going to be great I can't wait
  12. retrocarAmaranthPink565

    retrocarAmaranthPink565 Active Member

    Only certain people had that issue I believe and it has mostly been fixed in the Dev kit 2 and even consumer edition when it comes available. OSVR will still have the same issues, because there will always be people that suffer from said sickness, regardless if most don't.

    The same counts for those that get sick while watching 3D for example or the people that can't see 3D.

    OSVR seems nice, but from reading the site, I wonder how consumer friendly it is. Seems to be mainly for developers.
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  13. OSVR is going to be awsome
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  14. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    Open source ain`t really the best ...the way i see it , fans create stuff with a lot of enthusiasm and eventually if their project wont be backed by a big majority then said project will die while in a company designing a project will never die as the guy pulling the strings and making your payday happen , wont allow it. And in the end Oculus will offer a great range of polised products while OSVR will have 10 times more unfinished ones.
    It depends how things will be done by the company leading OSVR.
    At least that's how i see the open source against commercial.
  15. Oculus is not going that great lately though, I am glad that Razer took the initiative on this.
  16. dustryhi

    dustryhi New Member

    The more companies working on VR the better.
  17. jerryshengo

    jerryshengo New Member

    I feel Oculus Rift will beat OSVR because:
    1. Head start -> more partnership, the public is more aware of it, etc
    2. Facebook can provide all the financial needs for Oculus
    - So even if Oculus meets obstacles or messes up a little bit, they can easily receive the financial backing to get back into the game
    3. Oculus seems to be really passionate about Rift; they want the product to be as cheap as possible.

    However, Razer does have its own advantages such as:
    1. Community/fan base: people are obsessed with Razer products
    2. Great marketing: Just have a couple pro players use them or something, dunno
  18. snowleo1

    snowleo1 New Member

    Would say rift but I'd rather not get facebook ads in my fucking face, so yeah. #thankszuckbergs
  19. jerryshengo

    jerryshengo New Member

    How would Facebook even implement ads onto a vr headset? Companies don't really implement intrusive ads, or at least not permanent ones. Norton can be uninstalled on Windows machines, the Kindles with ads are sold at a discount and are not intrusive.
  20. SilentAndSound

    SilentAndSound New Member

    I think it's too early to say honestly. At this point I would go with the oculus rift but I won't even be considering buying one for quite a while and I figure there's a lot of people in the same boat - there is a lot of time to change opinions.
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