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Profile for Blackwidow V2 won't change

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by bestONYX543, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. bestONYX543

    bestONYX543 New Member

    I created two profiles for my blackwidow v2. One default chroma setting for desktop and one for PUBG. The first time when i open PUBG, the profile changes to PUBG as it should. But then, it won't change back, when i get back to windows desktop. I tried it with a hotkey to switch it, but it is stuck. The only thing that helps is to unplug the keyboard. When i plug it in again, i can change the profiles without any problems (until i start a game).
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  2. Chinsteig

    Chinsteig New Member

    I have a similar problem. When I start Overwatch my Lancehead mouse profile switches properly. During queuing I sometimes alt tab out to chrome to browse while I wait. When i'm out of the game it doesn't switch the profile back to the default one, it ends up stuck in the overwatch profile. It reverts to my default when I exit overwatch however. I can't find any setting to prevent this.
  3. bestONYX543

    bestONYX543 New Member

    One more thing: After playing PUBG, the profile is stuck to pubg (as described). Tried to change the profile manually in synapse but it seems, synapse is crashing when i try this. All i can try now is a clean win 10 install. I have to do this anyway. If this solves the problem, i will post it here.
  4. Chinsteig

    Chinsteig New Member

    If only the program is crashing have you tried reinstalling that first?
  5. the same problem synpase doesn't wotk
  6. bestONYX543

    bestONYX543 New Member

    Yes, i reinstalled it. Same issue. But now i deleted all the links for the profiles. So, no game is linked to any profile now. Now changing the profile manually seems to work. But of course, this cannot be the final solution. It seems, something is broken in the "automatically start profile when launching game x" section of Synapse. But as i mentioned before, I'll also try a clean install of Win10 this week. Don't think, that this will help, but i need the clean install anyway.
  7. rodgerm9

    rodgerm9 New Member

    I'm using Synapse Version and The function keys will not work on my black widow chroma v2 keyboard. I have the Synapse active in my system tray.
  8. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don't know how it works on Synapse 3, but my Naga is on Synapse 2 so it doesn't really have this profile switching feature according to games, so i have to do it manually every time, as well as i start and when i finish too. I didn't much used this feature in Synapse 3 on my keyboard because it was not the case but i'll give it a try and see if it works.
  9. bestONYX543

    bestONYX543 New Member

    I haven't had the time to reinstall Windows 10 but since the last synapse update everything works fine.

    Edit: WRONG. It is stuck again. :slightly_sad:

    So, to finally post a solution here: A clean windows install helped. Don't know if this had something to do with synapse or with some windows settings. Anyway, it's working now.
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  10. Zetta269

    Zetta269 New Member

    Same problem and doing another clean Windows 10 re-install is out of the question this time
  11. Chinsteig

    Chinsteig New Member

    After using my mouse for a while, I stumbled into a solution for profile switching back to the desktop one. The default profile that the device makes cannot be used as the desktop profile. I ended up duplicating my default profile for use as the desktop one and now every time I play a game and exit all profiles switch back and forth like they are supposed to. I still haven't found a solution for active window profile switching. Try it out guys and let me know if it works for you as well.
  12. RickLin

    RickLin New Member

    I have that same problem with Deathstalker keyboard. Profile is stuck, making a new one, deleting old profile, changing profile manually.. nothing works. Keyboard changes to default funcions only when Razer synapse is closed or I am logged out of it.
  13. nopiscougar

    nopiscougar New Member

    synapse 2.o does have the automatic profile switching, and it works good, unlike in 3.0 where its....lacking
  14. Moustacho

    Moustacho New Member

    Just bumping this post, has the automatic profile changing been added to Synapse 3. I also use it for drawing programs with macro's but I have to manually change with each program.
  15. Chinsteig

    Chinsteig New Member

    auto switching profiles have been working for my stuff for a few months now. Sometimes I get the switching notification, sometimes I don't. I use different colour profiles to help me identify when a profile has been switched.
  16. DRIFT_IT

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Had the same issue, you can uninstall all Razer software using CCleaner and clean all registry entries related to them. Then reinstall the software, this worked for me.
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