Razer Atheris Can be Pair on 2 computers

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by rushIndigoDyex862, Jan 16, 2018.

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  1. rushIndigoDyex862

    rushIndigoDyex862 New Member

    just got my new Atheris . i got it to upgrade my orachi2013 . as a digital artist i use 2 workstations - one for Video editing - and one for painting, after i saw the new Release from razer i was wondering if i can have pair the atheris to one computer Via Bluetooth and other computer Via 2.4 - that way my desk would be nice and minimal-

    thanks alot to razer Technical Support who answered me really fast and confirm that the atheris can be paird like this- and it work flawless.

    about the mouse- if you know the orachi not mush to say - its small and i like it this way- it heavy and i like it this way - its just a bit more flat then the orachi - dont miss all the other buttons - Main Cons: center of Weight should be more front- if you pick up the mouse a lot while playing you will find it annoying that you should change your grip to lift the mouse and not only the front - over all love the mouse

    2: about synapse 3 : its shit- i would not realse that even as beta!
    first of all you cannot have configure different buttons to different program's- and that is just downgrade for me-

    other main Bug- the synapse got my computer for short freeze (one-two sec) which stop as soon i uninstall.

    i know its to much to ask but if i could configure side buttons as ALT and SHIFT and remove software and it would stay like thise would be great-

    Overall great mouse- love it
    hope synapse 3 wull improve- for now i cant use it at all
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